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Inside business of being a YouTube star

Published Nov 17, 2019, 1:30 am IST
Updated Nov 17, 2019, 1:30 am IST
Using YouTube and food to reach millions, these youngsters, staying idle are now earning well with their own YouTube channels.

Young YouTubers representing Chennai with famous foods and recipes interesting sights and sounds from the city are becoming a trend now.

When it comes to food, there are a bunch of them starting from grandma recipes to the most favourite eateries in town. Youtube platform has turned lots of youngsters’ lives as entrepreneurs.


There’s no dearth of content either. There is a lot to be said about Chennai’s quirks, and there’s a whole spectrum of Chennai-based YouTube channels who’ve probably already said that.

It’s quite a heart-rending scene for every YouTuber to see a group of teenagers huddled over a smartphone waiting for their really cool videos regularly. Channels like Madras samayal, Home cooking Tamil and Amma samayal are popular for their video contents. While the channel Irfan’s View is said to be the popular food review channel of the Chennai‘s eateries.


“Food and travel are the most liked topics amongst the youngsters today. Every video depicting that will go viral. Once you break the wall of initial struggles, you’re a successful entrepreneur from that moment. The more the original content you create, the more revenue you will receive from Youtube,” explains Irfan of YouTube channel Irfan’s view which has 6 lakh subscribers.

YouTubers are not all entrepreneurs. Some people make YouTube videos just for fun or to connect with friends. Some YouTubers work for entrepreneurs as employees making creative content for entrepreneurs to help them reach their expectations for scale.


YouTube and Google offer simple, free, built-in tools making it easier for someone creating videos to make a passive side income with their videos and advertisements if they have a large following, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who decides to use Ad Sense is an entrepreneur.

“YouTube is very satisfying for me. I have a place to speak my mind and heart and I can connect with people with similar thoughts. It’s obviously a pleasure to have people listen to you when they do in large number,” says Vignesh Kae of Abhistu (2.5 lakh subscribers), also a software engineer on weekdays.
“I don't think myself as an entrepreneur; I speak infront of camera...if I'm earning money out of it... well and good. Let's see where it takes me,” he utters.
If you are a YouTuber creating solutions to problems through your videos and finding ways to capitalize on them, you’re an entrepreneur and therefore, a YouTuber entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur doing anything so long as you are bringing value to the market do whatever it is you’re doing.


Addressing the copyright issues in YouTube Vignesh says, “It's everyone's right to claim their content if it is used by others...but many people take it in a wrong way...I pay for every music I use in my video...I have a management company who does this in back-end.”

Taking yourself seriously enough to build a brand, but not too seriously to lose the punchline has been the established mantra for these young chaps.