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5 tech-hacks that Indian Millennials can use to brighten their Diwali

Published Oct 17, 2017, 7:02 pm IST
Updated Oct 17, 2017, 7:54 pm IST
Here are five tech hack shared by Swiggy to make the Festival of Lights that much more convenient and special.
Here are a few tech hacks to make Diwali even more memorable
 Here are a few tech hacks to make Diwali even more memorable

As with most things in life, technology now has a key role to play in our celebrations. Even in celebrating age-old festivals like Diwali.

This is especially true for the millennial Indians, who are using a variety of technologies this year to make everything from gifting sweets to decorating the house as easy as a tap of a button!


Here are five tech hack shared by Swiggy to make Diwali that much more special.

Food Delivery Apps

For those who feel traffic, crowds and pollution are deterrents in enjoying a great meal during Diwali, food delivery apps like Swiggy can be a blessing in disguise.

DIY Diwali wishes

Sending personalized Diwali wishes is a hot trend each year, and what could be better than using Snapchat and Instagram filters to give your Diwali wishes for friends and family a personal touch!

Use LED Lights, Electronic / LED firecrackers instead of Actual crackers and Diyas


Lighting up crackers and diyas eventually end up contributing directly to the heavy smog / pollution outside. A better way to brighten up the corners of your house this Diwali is with Floating LED diyas, smoke-free diyas and solar lights. Use changeable LED lights to decorate the exterior that are energy-efficient and easy on the pocket and can help to some real interesting decorative patterns!

Apps to Monitor and compare pollution in your city

For health and environment conscious, there are app that help measure the quality of air in your city, before you step out in the smog-filled air!


Gaming Apps

For many, Diwali is synonymous with a fun game of cards, especially Teen Patti. A tradition that’s been followed for generations now, Teen Patti is not only a wonderful way to socialize, but also believed to usher in good luck. There are many Teen Patti apps that can be found both on iOS and Android.