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Terrified mum freaks out over ‘mouse’ before realising her mistake

Published Sep 17, 2017, 4:25 pm IST
Updated Sep 17, 2017, 4:51 pm IST
This woman's dramatic reaction to what she thought was a mouse has many people rolling on the floor.
Mouse that terrified one woman is actually a  tiny toy leopard. (Photo: Pixabay)
 Mouse that terrified one woman is actually a tiny toy leopard. (Photo: Pixabay)

Creepy crawlies in the house give most of us a fright. Some people can't sleep if they know a lizard, spider or cockroach is still around.

But one woman's reaction to a mouse is not the only reason her story has gone viral.


In a lengthy post on Facebook, Laura Mazza explains how she spotted a "mouse" in her child's bedroom and froze. "And it was the kinda freeze that you feel like you shouldn't even breathe. Where your air escapes your lungs," she shared.

When her daughter was about to approach the bedroom door, Laura yelled, shut the door and called her husband.

Here's the conversation she has with her husband:

Laura: This is ratatouille but smaller and he isn't making some delicious soup, he's gonna spray out pebble poo and make babies everywhere and in my sons ears and they'll crawl in my mouth... mouse in my mouth!!!
Husband: Huh?
Laura: Mouse in house
Husband: Cat in hat
Laura: No babe, there's a mouse in Luca's room! You need to come home NOW and take it outside!
Husband: Oh Bub you just take it outside, or just kill it
Laura: Kill it???

"There are children in the house, your children. You need to come here. I can't save them," Laura tells him to which he laughs off.

While on the phone with her husband, she takes a peak and fears the creature is dead because it hasn't moved. After having enough with her husbands jokes and deciding to take charge, Laura bravely opens the door to get rid of the mouse only to discover it’s a tiny toy leopard.

The post received 365,000 and 94,000 comments.

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