Manicure artist tears toenails off her client's feet to 'cure' their cancer, diabetes

While she may see herself as a healer, many have labelled her a 'butcher'.

Elena Dzyk claims the way to cure cancer and diabetes is by tearing off your toenails, The Sun reported.

The Russian has no medical qualifications, but her controversial methods have gained her a huge fan following on social media.

Dzyk claims to be "aware of all modern and classical technologies” when it comes to dealing with nails, the report revealed.

While she may think of herself as a healer, not everyone agrees. Pro-Kremlin newspaper has labelled her a "butcher".

The story headlined "Not a pedicure professional but a butcher" goes on: “Elena’s philosophy is that nails are not right for humans.

“Nails do not allow the skin to breathe.

“Bacteria live under the nails and it results in diabetes and cancer.”

On Youtube, Dzyk began posting videos about nail design before she shocked people with her bizarre approach to healing from diseases.

She even travels across the country to demonstrate how this method works. During these seminars, Dzyk mostly diagnoses clients with "granuloma" which has to be removed. And so with her pliers she removes the nails.

"People pay up to 95,000 roubles (£1,115) in order to attend her seminars where she uses real people as models and demonstrates how to cure all diseases at once by full removal of nails," reported.

Dzyk is currently under investigation after one of the models Zhanna Borisovn, filed a complaint. Borisovn, who believed this method would cure her of diabetes, was sedated when her toenails were pulled out.

After the procedure, she woke up in a hospital bed with her legs swollen and unable to stand up. "My son has appealed to police and reported her, saying that the surgery was performed by a person without proper education and in insanitary conditions – in a rented flat," she is quoted as saying by the report.

The investigation and backlash has forced Dzyk to remove many of her videos, who has been reported to police many times.

Now, Russian pedicure and manicure professionals have started a petition calling for her to be banned.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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