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Published on: August 16, 2017 | Updated on: August 16, 2017

In his 27th year of service, IPS officer C.V. Anand receives the President's Police Medal, which he says only motivates him to do better.

CV Anand

CV Anand

IPS officer C.V. Anand, the Commissioner of the Civil Supplies Department, is the latest recipient of the President’s Police Medal for his distinguished service. And interestingly, he was caught totally unaware about it. 

"When I got the call, I initially thought that I got the Telangana Excellence award, and not the President’s Police Medal. In fact, I even told them that they were mistaken! But the department replied, saying ‘Sir, you got the medal too’. It was then that I realised that I had won another award," he says.

"Public appreciation and such rewards motivate us to do better and thrive on excellence. It gives us great job satisfaction. I’m in my 27th year of service and have been doing my job with integrity, so the award is a reflection of my good work. It gives us the required fillip," he adds.

Anand credits his sports background for his successful journey. "By playing team games like cricket and basketball, I acquired the qualities of a quintessential team player. Since the roles of the members are dynamic and change according to the team’s requirement, I acquired team building skills and eventually led several teams. I also realised then that the key to being a successful captain is looking after the welfare of the team. I implemented the same modus operandi in the police department too and was highly successful," he says, adding that leading a team came naturally to him.

For someone who never wanted to be a police officer, how did being a cop change his personality? "It was quite a drastic change," he says adding, "I was posted at Warangal and my wife and I were shocked to see the gunmen and security personnel around us. It took some time for us to adjust to the atmosphere. In 1993, I witnessed landmine blasts from very close quarters. The incident haunted me so much that I couldn’t sleep properly for several years. I’ve seen several people and policemen die, but being a tough nut, these experiences have only made me stronger."

So how is he as a person? "I’m very competitive and hate losing. I always carry a never-say-die attitude," he says.The 49-year-old acknowledges that his wife Lalitha has been instrumental in his success. "She’s my classmate and I have known her since 30 years; whatever I am today is all because of her. She looked after the family well and is very motivated. Whenever I get angry or frustrated, she calms me down and helps me keep my balance. She channelises my energy in the right way," he says, adding, "Lalitha is very spiritual and it has rubbed off on me too. It makes me feel content with what I have."

The former U-19 cricketer expresses that he’s always been open as a father. "I’m very friendly and allow my children to pursue their dreams. My elder son is interested in cricket while the younger one is into science and engineering. Also, I did not find parenting difficult because my wife has taken a lot of burden in raising my kids," he admits.

Away from work, Anand spends time playing sports, going for short vacations with family and watching films.

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