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Cabbies’ shares their tales

Published May 17, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Updated May 17, 2019, 12:04 am IST

‘I am in the cab.’ Don’t you think this is the regular line we get to hear from those who rush to office and colleges? Yes. With a hassle free journey at a little extra price, cabs assure us a comfortable journey. There are many cab stories to be shared.  Experiences maybe good or bad. Talking to Bengalureans, we find out some of their stories.

Miriam Joice Stewart is an employee with an MNC. She states that, “I’m apprehensive about travelling at nights but otherwise, I prefer cabs. With the number of unfortunate incidents with regards to cab drivers happening around the city, I’m fortunate that I haven’t gone through anything. The only issue is the language barrier, so conversations hardly happen. But I do remember discussing the current political situation with an intelligent cabbie once.”

Having said this, she has met drivers who are fluent in various languages. She further adds, “I neither ask nor share personal information.”

Some cabbies are pleasant while some are irritating and even terrifying at times. A safety check is always the concern of girls.

Tegite Sagma, a sales executive says, “I once had a bad experience with an auto driver who very rash. When we sought to complain to the police, he dropped my sister and I in the middle of road and took off. It was his behaviour that was putting off. My sister who was travelling the next day was really freaked out by this incident.”  

Tomy Manuel, a techie had to face an unruly cab driver who was unwilling to take him to his destination. He says, “I seldom use public transport or even cabs. But when I did use a cab recently, the driver did not want to drop us at the location, he stopped half way and asked us to get down. I have also had to face a cab driver who was drunk! I complained to the company and they sent another cab”

Anand S, entrepreneur says, “I usually take cabs on a sharing basis which cuts down the cost but the all-time-challenge I face is when the cab drivers cancel the ride after it is booked. One awful incident I recollect was when the cab driver crossed the red signal while he was busy conversing with another passenger as they spoke the same language. That was quite horrifying for me.”



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