A political debutant

Roopa who is contesting from Rajmahendravaram wants to give secure jobs to women while creating eco friendly and sustainable industries.

Reclusive by nature and better known as the daughter-in-law of film, political and business personality Maganti Murali Mohan, Roopa Maganti is only now stepping into the limelight, as she contests for the Lok Sabha elections on a TDP ticket from Rajmahendravaram (erstwhile Rajahmundry).

Born and brought up in Chennai, Roopa and her family lived in Vijayawada for a brief while but communal riots between two communities — the Kammas and Kapus forced them to return to Chennai. “My father, A.K.V. Prasad made three films in Telugu and was also an agriculturist. However, the Raga Riot as it was known, forced us to move to Chennai. Even though we are Kammas, I remained oblivious about all these communities till I got married and shifted to Hyderabad,” says Roopa.

After completing her graduation in Corporate Secretaryship and a Masters Degree in Rural Community Development, Roopa went on to do a PG Diploma in Psychology followed by an opportunity to work as an apprentice in Sri Lanka in a labour organisation. Though a one year project, Roopa went on to work as a Government Consultant in Sri Lanka for the next 13 years.

“I worked for Mahendra Raja Babu in Sri Lanka and consider myself to be a half Tamil,” says Roopa, who has managed to keep a very low profile thus far. “Even after marrying my husband Ram Mohan, we remain extremely private people. There is nothing about me in the media, as I have always been a very shy person,” she says.

Showering praise on her father-in-law, Roopa says, “I am very proud to be known as his daughter-in-law. He is a very good man, known for his values and integrity. He has done a great job in the film industry. But we continue to be very private even as a family.”

A reluctant politician of sorts, Roopa is contesting the elections this year from the Rajahmundry constituency in place of her now 80-year-old father-in-law. Says Roopa, “I have been working actively in the constituency for the last couple of years and have also been associated with social activities, all of which has taught me a lot.”

A part of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s recent delegation to New Delhi, Roopa explains that the purpose of the trip was to register a complaint against the way polls were conducted in the state. “We believe in democracy, and in the work done by our honorable Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu garu. He has done some tremendous work in these last five years, be it in the form of investments, welfare schemes, the education system or for farmers.”

Interestingly, Roopa reveals that there was absolutely no support from Tollywood. “There was a time when Tollywood played a very big role in Telugu politics, but now, it seems they want to keep away from politics,” she states

As for her agenda in the region, Roopa explains that she wants to give secure jobs to women while creating eco friendly and sustainable industries.

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