Year-ender 2017: Top 5 bizarre beauty trends we love to hate

Is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder? Or have we gone blind?

We've all felt it, 2017 has been a damn weird year for beauty, while we did get Rihanna's Fenty as a boon, there has also been some serious damage.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but the bizarre beauty trends that emerged out of 2017 must be equally preposterous to everyone.

Whether it was spider lashes, glitter beards or nose hair extensions, these beauty trends were definitely not worthy of being incorporated into our daily lives.

And while their life on social media was short, they did manage to make a lasting impression and be part of the top five weirdest beauty trends of 2017.

Nose Hair Extensions

Instagram user @gret_chen_chen posted a picture of herself sporting the bizarre look.

False eye lashes are stuck around the rim of each nostril to get the effect of hair growing out of the nose.

One would expect lesser hair would be a better idea, but surprisingly this trend caught the eye of a few who gave it a try.

#nostrilhairextensions lol @ktdbeauty

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Vaginal Nail Art

I would really like this trend to 'keep it in it's pants', while there is no shame in being proud of your body and exhibiting it, we do think that having a vagina on your nail is quite absurd, especially if you're at the dinner table.

The absurd trend involves embossing vagina shapes to create statement nail designs.

However, the Internet's verdict was divided, with some praising it while others call it gross and embarrassing.

Geode Lips

@beyou.byjoh #geodelips 😍

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Aren't lips supposed to be soft, kissable and not covered under rocks?

The trend kicked off when New York City-based makeup artist Johannah Adams posted her crystallized look on Instagram.

The look took Adams an hour to create.

We bet you'd skin your significant other when going for a peck though!

Christmas Brows

Christmas is a jolly time and everyone loves to express their love for this festival in their own way.

While one may listen to Christmas music for hours on end, Vlogger Taylor (Instagram: taytay_xx) created Christmas tree brows.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows 🎄 Yes or No? ðŸ¤" #christmastreeeyebrows

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The look is created by fixing the eyebrows with wax, then sticking on glitter, stars and baubles.

Maybe just get a tree?

Pom-pom Face

Fluffy balls. Products are listed in previous post.

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We like to save the worst for last, Pom-pom face was definitely the most pointless of the lot.

In May 2017 several beauty bloggers went wild with their use of pom-poms and started to to stick them on their faces with eyelash glue.

The look can be traced back to freelance make-up artist Marly (Instagram: punchingpictures).

The pom-poms made them seem like they had a very serious case of warts. Cheerful warts on account of all the colours, but warts nevertheless.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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