Young India defines independence

Colleges organised myriad cultural activities, flag hoisting sessions and drills.

The entire nation was gripped by patriotic fervour as the country celebrated its 70th Independence Day. Colleges organised myriad cultural activities, flag hoisting sessions and drills.

But what do independence and freedom really mean to the youth today? On India’s 70th Independence Day, we spoke to seven students from different colleges across the city to find out their views.

Benedict Benny, final year student, St Mary’s Centenary Degree College
For me, Independence means reminding myself that I am privileged enough to wake up in a country that is democratic and which lets me be myself. A country, which is so diverse, yet united. I would never want to forget how much we have struggled to reach this point and would never take it for granted.

Lalitha Sindhuri, PhD, Dance, University of Hyderabad
True independence for me is when our thoughts, words and actions are in harmony. I look forward to Independence Day as we get to witness utmost patriotism on the day. I am a professional Kuchipudi dancer and today, I danced on patriotic songs at my father’s office as part of Independence Day celebrations. It made me emotional.

Rachel Soares, graduate, National Institute of Fashion Technology
Freedom of choice is true independence. When the youth is not restricted from doing certain things and are given the freedom to pursue what they are
passionate about.

Aanchal Vijaywargi, first year Fashion Design student, Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Design
Back then, it was about freedom from British rule. Today, freedom is the right to be oneself. It is about doing what you love for yourself and for the country.

Himanshu Jain, second year B.Com student, EThames Degree College
We can achieve true independence when our colleges and schools are free of drugs. Government schools and colleges should also function properly. Most importantly, students should be given admissions and scholarships based on their merit instead of quotas.

A.S. Jyothsna, fourth year ECE student, J. B. Institute of Engineering and Technology
We can achieve true Independence when there are no restrictions, be it in our careers or personal lives. It is about doing what you truly love and the society accepting your choices, without passing judgements.

Spandhana Gunde, B. Pharmacy graduate, CVSR College of Pharmacy
When women are independent and feel safe, that is true independence to me. Even today, can women walk on the streets late at night without feeling insecure?

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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