Tribute to lord Rama in the month of Ramayana

The dancers' aim is to widen the audience for the Ramayana recitals at temples and other venues.

KOZHIKODE: The Ramayana recitals fill the month of Karkidakam or Ramayana Maasam. However, two dancers from Kozhikode are trying to bring in a change through ‘Ramamrutham,’ a dance tribute to Rama. The dancers’ aim is to widen the audience for the Ramayana recitals at temples and other venues. Deepti Parol and Pratheesh K. Thiruthiya, senior disciples of the Dhananjayas, present various stages in the life of Lord Rama through ‘Ramamrutham’.

The dance based on the composition of Swati Tirunal in ‘Bhavayaami Raghuramam’ was earlier made into dance by Santha Dhananjayan. Deepti and Pratheesh revised it for performance in the temples. “The elderly people are more attracted to the Ramayana recitals in temples. So, we planned the dance in such a way as to attract more youngsters to the recitals. The story of Ramayana will be presented to the audience for 35 minutes after the recitals,” said Deepti.

The dance touches on all the main incidents in Ramayana, including Ahalya Moksham, meeting with Guha, Rama-Ravana war, Lanka dahanam (burning), Sita Swayamvaram and ends with Sreerama Pattabhishekam (ascending the throne). Composed in Bharatanatyam, the costumes used in Ramamrutham are also specially designed. Light colours are used for the saga of women, including Sita and Ahalya. Starting with a Pushpanjali, the dance will proceed to a Rama Bhajan and then Rama thillana. Deepti’s daughter Avyaya Parol will also join the duo in some of the concerts.

The visual treat to Ramayana will be organised by Bharatheeyam Centre for Performing Arts and the first performance will be at Sreedevi auditorium, near Valayanad Devi temple on Saturday, the first day of Karkidakam. The next performance will be on Sunday at K.P. Kesava Menon hall. They will also perform on request in temples or Ramayana recital venues.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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