Can you spot the hidden mobile phone on the carpet?

This one is a bit tough to spot!

Now a day, the Internet always manages to pop up with ‘can you spot?’ puzzles and people go crazy over it.

Remember the dress, the panda, the tiger and what not, we often come across such puzzles.

Here’s another one and let us tell you this is a bit tough. Are you eyes sharp enough to solve this puzzle that is driving everyone crazy on Facebook.

This image has left many puzzled as they can’t spot the phone on the carpet.

An image of floral carpet was uploded by Jeya May Crus from Pasig, Philippines and has gone viral with 20,000 shares, 1,50,000 reactions and 20,000 likes.

Crus captioned her image: 'Since I can't sleep, let's play a game. Look for the celphone.'

Can you spot the phone?

****Spoiler alert:****

In case you couldn’t spot the it. It’s just next to the right leg of the table.

The cover perfectly blends with the carpet’s design and now you can surely spot it.


( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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