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Much ado about Rahul G’s sarcastic ‘Ji’

Published Mar 16, 2019, 12:23 am IST
Updated Mar 16, 2019, 12:23 am IST
Truth be told tell, Indians use ‘Ji’ a lot, sometimes sarcastically to make a point.
Rahul Gandhi.
 Rahul Gandhi.

A war of words has broken out about the honorific ‘Ji.’ Congress president Rahul Gandhi had called terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad’s head as “Masood Azhar ji”. The BJP was quick to come back with “Rahul loves terrorists”.

Truth be told tell, Indians use ‘Ji’ a lot, sometimes sarcastically to make a point. The benefit of doubt should go to Rahul G for his ‘Ji’, probably more of a jibe at the feared terror mastermind.


The bigger battle has been about who released Masood Azhar as a trade-off in the Kandahar hijack episode and the opposition Congress has been rubbing it in as the current National Security Adviser was one of the negotiators on the ground in Kandahar even as the then foreign minister Natwar Singh flew with the prisoner to swap for the hostages on board IC 184.

The event was so far in the past when India has probably its first brush with a hostage situation. While stronger countries would refuse to countenance appeasing hijackers with deals even as they negotiate to find a way to snare them, a sentimental India was keen on rescuing its citizens.


Any number of BJP leaders and spokespersons has been similarly caught attributing ‘Ji’ sarcastically in reference to Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed.  The case of Masood Azhar is now strictly political football as China backs Pakistan even in a case of a fount of terror ideas.

Meanwhile, there have been terribly misogynistic reactions to former actress Sumalatha entering politics after the death of her husband, the actor and legislator  Ambareesh. The Karnataka CM’s brother was the first to spew contempt at her move to contest.

Smriti Z Irani@smritiirani
What is common between Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan? Their love for terrorists. Please note Rahul ji's reverence for terrorist Masood Azhar - a testimony to #RahulLovesTerrorists


Randeep Singh Surjewala @rssurjewala
2 questions to BJP & select Bhakt Media,who deliberately seek to twist the 'Masood' sarcasm of Rahulji-: 1 Did NSA Doval not escort & release terrorist Masood Azhar in Kandahar? 2 Did Modiji not invite Pak's rogue ISI to investigate Pathankot terror attack?

Manish Pandya@manpan7741
Unbelievable this guy is !! Some one from @INCIndia should guide him not to speak after a dose of weed !! I mean common how can you address such terrorists with a JI !! God save @RahulGandhi is only one can hope of !!


Ravi Shankar Prasad@rsprasad
Come on "Rahul Gandhi Ji"! Earlier it were the likes of Digvijay Ji who called "Osama Ji" and "Hafiz Saeed Sahab". Now you are saying "Masood Azhar Ji". What is happening to Congress Party?

Akil Bakhshi @akil_bakhshi
If you listen to the entire speech, he's narrating an incident of Vajpayee government's incompetence. The 'ji' is clearly sarcastic. Peddling fake news to score political brownies and create needless discord is quite unbecoming of a Union minister, Ms. Irani.

Who created #PoK ?Nehru 5. Who allowed pakistani to enter #JammuAndKashmir and permitted to settle in JK when Raja Hari Singh came to delhi seeking army assistance ? Nehru 6. Who stopped @adgpi to march in Lahore ? Indira #MasoodAzharji


MadamJi, that Ji was said in a very sarcastic manner (just in case you missed it which am sure you did not) Also one of your partners that time in the NDA, Farooq Abdullah had objected to the release of Masood Azhar but you guys didn't listen to him!

Yogesh KM Jani @YogeshKumarMJan
This man @rssurjewala is surely getting "Bharat Ratna" for this if Cong wins by any chance which is impossible of course. Anyway I would like to ask him about those two G's of (Sonia and Rahul). Which Category they fall in. Gunehgar, Gunda or Gangster?


Ishita JaiSingh Shekhawat@ishitajaisingh
They all disrespect even Hon'ble Prime Minister @narendramodi ji, but they give much respect to terrorists nd Anti-nationalist, this shows their ideology clearly that they support terrorism @vivekagnihotri @ippatel @Shehzad_Ind @KapilMishra_IND

K. Sridhar@sridhar160954
We don't require terrorists like Osama/Hafiz Sayeed/Masood Azar when we have anti nationals like Rahul Gandhi/Mani Shankar Iyer/Digvijay who are continously & systematically trying to undermine India!!!!

Somnath Pal@tutunpaul  
This deep respect is reciprocal. That day I saw a clip of some statement by Hafeez Sayeed, where he wished the Cong party to come to power in India.


Shree Kumar @Shree75982510
Rahul Gandi commitments will have caveat if they come to power. Why don't he start with current election allocating at least 38% seats. He is declining seat to Sumalatha, Ambareesh widow. Truth is far from reality

Shantha M @ShanthaM8
HD Revanna's comment on sumalatha ambarish is so cheap!! That too on Women's Day he has commented like this!! What is HDD's advice to him??

Harshitha M Varadaraj   @HARSHITHA183
H D Revanna,brother of Karnataka's accidental CM, targets Sumalatha,w/o late legend Ambareesh, says it's not even been months her husband has died & she makes a Political challenge! This is JDS for you folks. Only a months ago, HDK had asked a Farmer woman where she was sleeping?


Dr Sachin Reddy @snsachinnandu
In Mandya, Sumalatha, wife of the late film star, Ambareesh, has gained sympathy & is being seen as a darkhorse to defeat JDS in case CM fields his son. If she candidates(as an ind or on lotus), the entire cadre base & local leaders of INC are likely to rally behind her!