Four'ce to reckon with

This four-year-old child prodigy from a local school has already won three medals at the state level kickboxing championships.

Four-year-old Prakruthi might be taking baby steps at school, as a wide-eyed kindergarten student of Rayan Kids School, Bengaluru. But, don’t be fooled by this city tot’s age, for this powerhouse of talent is making waves in the national sports arena— with mammoth energy and a steely drive to pack a few killer kicks and powerful ‘punches’! This ‘Lil’ kickboxer from the city grabbed headlines after clinching three medals at the state level and one internationally. Pegged as the ‘World’s Youngest Kickboxer’, Prakruthi gets chatty with us just as she gears up for the Federation Cup National Level Kickboxing Championship...

Born into a family of fitness enthusiasts, Prakruthi’s passion was pivoted in the right direction under the guidance and mentor-ship of her father Sharanappa, who is an MMA professional himself. “I practice for about an hour daily, and daddy is my coach. I love practicing,” states the spunky child. Gauging her talent early on, her father began with the coaching a year ago. “Prakruthi was educated, informed and trained at the age of three. Getting her to take to the sport was a challenge, it was also difficult to get her to focus in the ring during training yet gladly she enjoys fighting. It has been about 14 months of strenuous training, it is all working in our favour,” shares Shranappa smilingly. Prakruthi has clinched a silver medal at the international level, and three gold medals at the state level. She also secured a silver in the WAKO National Level Kickboxing Championship’17 and one gold medal in international kickboxing championship’17 at Nepal. The lil champ, who has showcased her prowess in the ring has myriad interests too. “I love singing and dancing and love participating in such activities at school,” she states.

Clearly, there’s an age no bar, for this lil’ girl who’s spearheading her game. Hailed as the ‘World’s youngest kickboxer’, Prakruthi has expectations mounting on her. But, her parents are certain that she only enjoys and learns from the journey more than anything else. “She is currently concentrating on the Federation cup national level kickboxing championship to be held on January 17. We have made it clear to her to enjoy the game and give it her all. Winning or losing doesn’t matter at least to us at this point. It is also our dream to see her be a part of the 2028 Olympics.But again, one step at a time,” Sharanappa signs off, with his fingers crossed.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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