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Musically inclined

Published Sep 15, 2018, 12:08 am IST
Updated Sep 15, 2018, 12:08 am IST
Stephen Devassy answers our rapid fire.
Stephen Devassy
 Stephen Devassy

What inspired you to be a musician?
It was destined! Practise led to small programmes, which lead to bigger ones. 
What are you working on currently, in terms of music?
I have multiple things running. I have lined up a live concert. I curate events as well. Musically, my live concert series/album Project 70 has taken off well.
What is your biggest accomplishment in the field of music?
There are still miles to go! I think I have managed to bring the keyboard from the SIDE stage to the CENTRE stage. Now, I am invited as a main artiste.
A performance that was spellbinding?
I can’t pinpoint one but our premier Project 70 show at Chennai featured artists from USA (Rodney Holmes drummer) and artists from Japan and Russia. The show was a sellout and all leading artists of Chennai were there. It was a humbling experience.
The popular people you have collaborated with?
I have worked with Dr L Subramaniam, Hariharan Sir, Shanked Mahadevanji, ARR Sir, Zakir Hussainji, The late great U Srinivas, Umalpuram Sivaraman (mirdangam) and all cine music directors.
Genres of music you like?
Pure Western classical, fusion of Western classical and Indian, my own compositions which have Carnatic rock, blues and jazz, Indian, and world music. 
The one thing you aspire for?
I NEED to create the GREAT INDIAN MUSIC SHOW which will showcase international artistes playing with Indian greats. It should also be a display of our dance forms with a lighting and pyro spectacle. 
Your biggest inspiration?
Many. MW Smith, Yanni, Chicorea, John Williams, all classical greats like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, our INDIAN masters like Ilayaraja, Salil Choudary, Naushad, and SD & RD Burman, ARR,  and all the classical greats.
Your most valued material possession?
My keyboards and my computer.
Your relationship with your piano?
Now a part of my body.