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Hyderabad gears up for id!

Published Jun 15, 2018, 12:39 am IST
Updated Jun 15, 2018, 12:39 am IST
Sania Mirza, Mohammed Asaduddin Abbas, Shah Agha Mohd. Qasim Abul Ullai and Qutub Alam Khan
 Sania Mirza, Mohammed Asaduddin Abbas, Shah Agha Mohd. Qasim Abul Ullai and Qutub Alam Khan

Id is a special time of the year for many Hyderabadis, when folks from all walks of life come together to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramzan. In many ways the festival brings together communities in a spirit of bonhomie like no other. 

The city’s displays of festivity range from Old Hyderabad’s crowded streets, late-night markets and open air cafes where people from different religious beliefs come together to partake in eating our world famous haleem. It’s a day that many wait for eagerly… often holding their breaths to the moments leading up to the blow of that much anticipated siren-horn, the sounds of the azaan echoing from the local mosque, with crowds meandering their way to pray. 

Cell-phones start buzzing with messages and calls from friends and relatives wishing their heartfelt Mubaraks, while kitchens across the city are teeming with cooks, mothers, grandmothers and wives all preparing their family’s individual specialities for iftar. 

From the Chief Minister to the common man on the streets, this is a day of celebration for all Hyderabadis. 

To commemorate the occasion we spoke to four prominent people on how they plan on celebrating this day and what makes it all the more special to them.  

Sania Mirza, Tennis Player, The tennis star cherishes homecoming on id
This id is particularly special for me, because I am celebrating it after a long time back home here in Hyderabad. Since I am expecting, my family has been pampering me a little bit more . My husband Shoaib is also coming down to celebrate the occasion with us. I’m looking forward to seeing him experience a typically Hyderabadi Id this year .On the day of id, lunch is always a hearty meal at my masi’s home, where we enjoy the traditional seviyan and sheer khurma. 
After this we might go and visit elders and other family members to convey our respects. At night we usually entertain guests who come over at home. For me this id marks a period of new beginnings, something I’m really looking forward to.

It’s all about Family, food and fun: Mohammed Asaduddin Abbas, Cricketer/Lawyer
Id is always a fun time when my dad (former Indian cricket team captain Mohammed Azharuddin) is at home, since many people come to wish him and enjoy the food. But this year he is visiting his constituency in Muradabad to spend time with the public there. Before leaving, he and I managed to make a trip to Shaadnagar, where we distributed saris to the needy and spent time with the people at iftar. 

For the id lunch, it is tradition that my family congregates at my grandmother’s house, where she serves her legendary sheer khurma, which just gets better with every passing year. Since I’ve grown older things have changed a bit for me when it comes to idi. I remember a time when I used to receive so much of it, but now it is I who has to give out idi to the family’s youngsters. In the evening I usually end up meeting with friends who come over, after which we go visit those close to us. It’s a joyous day for my family and me, when we all get to come together and feel the close bond that joins us.” 

Shah Agha Mohd. Qasim Abul Ullai, Muttawali of the Aghapura Darga, holding on to the traditions
Id is a special time for us. For me this period is a time to introspect and pray, where I don’t travel or leave our family dargah. During this time we pray five times a day and read our traditional Taraveeh, at the completion of which we read the Alam Tara. 

The Aghapura Dargah has been under my family’s custodianship for generations, so it is important for me to make sure that in the days leading up to Id it is prepared to welcome the thousands of people who visit to pay their homage. We specially light up the dargah.

Traditionally we complete our Namaz at 10 on the morning of Id, after which we celebrate by greeting friends and family. Many relatives, including my cousins from the Owaisi family come to visit the dargah. This is usually followed by a feast, where we serve our guests and members of the public. For me, the occasion stretches on for almost three days, during which time I have to stay put to welcome our friends. We distribute clothes and money to the needy. It’s a period of purification for our community.

Qutub Alam Khan, Partner at Chicha’s Restaurant,
A time to bond with the family

Since I live in a joint family, for me eid is a very busy time at home. We usually go for our morning prayers together and then assemble for our breakfast at the big table in our house in Barkatpura. Khichdi, kheema, khatta, khagina and achaar is a part of the spread. This is followed by us going to our elders to receive idi and then in return giving idi. 

The day time is spent going to meet our relatives at their homes, where sheer khurma is served as a practice. The women during this time can be seen wearing their new clothes and jewellery, something they spend a lot of time shopping for, days before id. For us men, we keep our sherwanis and kurta pajamas ready.

Dinner at home is always served for our close friends and their families. After this I plan on going to Chicha’s to be there during this especially busy time. People come from all parts of Hyderabad. Haleem is a big seller for us so we have to make sure there’s enough from afternoon till sehri. We end up doing business as much as three to four times than normal during this time.”



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