‘Standing’ meets and no sugar!

Published Mar 15, 2016, 12:10 am IST
Updated Mar 15, 2016, 12:10 am IST
Sangita Reddy: My family is my support group.
Sangita Reddy
 Sangita Reddy

This week we present to you some insights on the lifestyle of Sangita Reddy, joint managing director, Apollo Hospitals Group, and Upasna Kamineni, managing director, Apollo Life.

Morning detox
Upasna Kamineni: As soon as I wake up I need to cleanse my body. I always have two cups of hot water, followed by lemon tea and then breakfast, which is a combination of superfoods.


Sangita Reddy: It’s has been 15 years since I eliminated sugar and tea from my diet. I do yoga four times a week. My lunch is always soup and salads; my daily diet comprises fruit and I always have my dinner before 8 pm.

Time management
Upasna: I love my gadgets but I have to consciously teach myself to not waste time on them. I am not a regular Facebook user and I haven’t learnt how to properly operate Instagram and I don’t know how to use ‘hashtags’.

Sangita: Unless there are any special occasions, I meet my friends only during the weekend. I make sure the emails I receive are looked into right away, because once they start to pile up it’s time consuming to go through them.


A to-do list
Upasna: I jot down what I have to do the next day, the previous night.

Sangita: Before stepping into work, I call my assistant to plan my day, giving her details about the things I need to do for the entire day.

Be organised
Upasna: Meetings don’t last more than 15 minutes and I prefer taking the meeting while standing.

Sangita: There is a timeline, the meetings should not exceed more than 30 minutes.

27 day trick
Upasna: The trick to adopting a healthy lifestyle is to do something for 21-27 days at a stretch because then it becomes a habit. I used to drink four cups of coffee every day, but I was able to get rid of that habit.


Sangita Reddy: My family is my support group. During my ride to work, I listen to the tape, Vishnu Sahasranamam. If I am in town, I visit the temple every evening.