Freedom of speech, paramount

On India's 70th Independence Day, we find out what this day means and how it impacts the lives of local celebrities.

As India touches its 70th year since Independence, there’s no refuting how we have a lot to beam about. But, this time around, digressing from the cliche, we ask popular faces from various fields to give us their take on what the term ‘freedom’ means to them, in their professional careers – making them the names they are today...

“Art and freedom are intimately related. The ability to express one’s emotion and creativity, whether on the stage, through a lens, via a pen or brush, is best fostered in an environment which tolerates a wide variety of differing opinions. There is no better forum for this than a democracy where every voice counts. The freedoms we enjoy as citizens of a democratic nation should never be taken for granted. As an artist, I am proud to be able to freely express myself– and the right to choose what I think hold good for me is what drives and helps me gauge creative freedom to the fullest . I am even more proud to be an Indian,” shares Nicole Faria, Indian supermodel and actor.

For 26-year-old Tejaswi Surya, a youth icon, lawyer and secretary of the BJP Karnataka Youth wing, the inner drive to do things differently is what he perceives as creative freedom. “The drive to innovate and conjure up ideas that weren’t thought of before, to be able to think out of the box is what I truly think freedom (creative and otherwise) is all about. With technology at our finger tips, it goes without saying that we are all immensely privileged to be alive in this time and age, and what we choose to do with the opportunities available, decides how we use the benefit of living in a democracy.” Actress Priyamani believes freedom in actual is all about being confident in your skin. And, that’s exactly what she wishes to advocate to her fans and foes alike! “I think it’s important to stick to what you feel is right. It’s not just about being given the freedom to choose, but about building the resolve to stick to it. That in my terms, is what true freedom or independence is all about. It’s not easy to please everyone, and the relentless pursuit of confining to norms is stripping yourself of your independent identity. This Independence Day, try working towards being who you really are, and not be dependent on somebody else’s views.

“Sriram Sullia, a radio professional believes creative freedom is best achieved through responsibility and being receptive. “Being in the field of radio, it’s pretty much like walking on a double edged sword. The easiest thing for people to do is get offended. So, creative freedom, if not thoughtfully expressed, paves way for a series of distasteful episodes—something that’s said as a joke, can be taken in the wrong sense and stir up an ugly online battle. I think the realisation that we’re all ‘independent’ and have a say is what needs to be realised first.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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