Be nice to yourself

Happiness is a warm puppy.

There are days when everything seems to be going wrong; dark days when even silver linings have disappeared. Those are the days when you need self-soothing techniques to comfort yourself.

Sadness and fear can hijack one’s body storing anxiety and blocking the flow of energy. Stretch every part of your body. Stretch and consciously relax all your muscles. Go for a walk, a run or a swim. Take a long, soothing bath with an oil massage thrown in. It can soothe and make you feel clean and unburdened.

Speak soothingly and kindly to yourself. Treat yourself as you would to your dearest friend who has been hit by a bolt from the blue. Compassionate self-talk is not as common as it sounds. Be kind to yourself. Eat well and get plenty of sleep.

Gather the people you love around you, like a soft warm blanket. “Happiness is a warm puppy,” said Charles M. Schulz. A circle of loved ones can turn a stormy day into an adventure. Reach out to people you trust to support you. Love has powerful healing properties.

Picture a positive outcome instead of dwelling on all the things that can go wrong. Visualise a happy result and ending. Get together with those who will help you with positive, creative visualisation.

Breathe deeply and slowly. Learn Pranayama. Breathing through alternative nostrils for some time can be very calming.

Pamper yourself. Be among people who will talk to you lovingly and comfortingly and finally remember: this too will pass!

The writer is the author of Everyday Happiness Mantras, Innovation Sutra and Happy Street

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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