Video: Two bold men set out to prove women exaggerate labour pain

It may have started as a joke on their wives, but find out who had the last laugh.

Understanding the excruciating pain women go through during child birth can be a hard concept for a man.

While millions of husbands may appreciate the hard task their wives have to go through to bring their children into the world, some may think the agony may not be that big of a deal.

Like these two men, who decided to prove that women exaggerate labour pain. The decided to participate in an experiment that replicates the contractions a woman would have during her pregnancy labour. At a doctors officer these husbands were hooked up to a couple of labour pain simulators.

What happened next was caught on video and posted on Youtube gaining 2,696,158 views.

Just a few seconds into the video, the men are grunting, howling and gasping. One of them said, “It feels like someone is taking a saw and just carving up my abdomen.” However, he doesn't realise what he just felt is early labour pains. When it starts getting intense one feels like he's about to throw up.

While their wives were present to for moral support, they couldn't help but enjoy watching their men in this memorable state.

After an hour of agony, the men gained a new found respect for women and what it takes to bring a baby into this world.

Watch the video here:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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