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In a shocking video, woman destroys $200,000 worth of art for a selfie

Published Jul 14, 2017, 3:55 pm IST
Updated Jul 14, 2017, 5:13 pm IST
Moment when woman topples over artwork caught on tape (Photo: Youtube)
 Moment when woman topples over artwork caught on tape (Photo: Youtube)

Taking selfies is an art, but as it turns out, sometimes it can, let’s say, cause a lot of damage.

The unfortunate incident took place at Simon Birch's art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pillar holding a sculpture to take a picture. She accidentally leant on it and $200,000 worth of art destroyed!

Going by ongoing trends, we all love to click that perfect selfie when we are around something that strikes our fancy and taking selfies with art is one of the most popular genres in selfie-taking nowadays it seems.

A Youtuber, who says he is a friend of the artist uploaded the video online and it has gone viral.

The room the very awkward accident happened in is known as the Hypercaine, one of 14 that art aficionados traverse through during the exhibit.

The video shows people trying to take selfies while in the gallery and there is one precarious moment when a lady can be seen almost toppling over a piece with her handbag while trying to take a selfie. But hold on! While you wonder if it is the same woman who will be responsible for the damage, look towards the upper left corner and you see the entire episode unfurl.

Check out the video below




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