Indian students prefer overseas varsities

“Students here are stressed right from the time of entrance exams to placement tests.

Bengaluru: The trend of Indian students aspiring to go abroad for higher education has been on the rise as they offer more holistic and research oriented learning.

Students from the city who have scored perfect marks (100%) at the recently held International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), equivalent to Class 12 exams, share their views why foreign education is preferred over Indian facilities, pointing out how the educational system here can improve.

Akanksha Suresh, who has made it to Johns Hopkins University for her majors in Biology said the pressure exerted on students by the Indian varsities was one of the major reasons why she decided to study abroad.

“Students here are stressed right from the time of entrance exams to placement tests. It is high time the colleges here realise that looking smart on the answer paper is not the only scale of evaluation,” she said calling for a holistic system that treats students in a ‘humane manner’.

Akanksha added that more time and space should be given to students to realise where their passion lies. “The syllabus followed at the high school do not suffice one to realise around where one’s interests lie,” said the youngster who aspires to work in India once she completes her education.

The importance given to research, extra-curricular activities and learning from a totally diverse environment are the other factors that made her chose the University, sums up the topper from Canadian International School.

Greenwood High International School topper Guru Sarjith Senthil said that he has opted for higher education abroad as the difference in approach to studies outside India has interested him.

“We are allowed to pick a minor course with the major area of study thereby adding more possibilities and opportunities expanding the horizon of learning. The importance given to research activities along with learning outside the textbook is a major takeout that is provided there,” he said.

The budding engineer, who has secured a seat at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also points out that the flexibility to join courses offered by the foreign universities is another character that Indian varsities lack.

For Arjun Govind, topper from The International School Bangalore, the better opportunities offered at the global level is the reason behind his preference of studying overseas. “Wharton School is the best institution I can find to pursue my degree in finance. Getting an exposure from a global perspective with students from over 100 countries at a single campus adds on to the experience of learning,” he said.

Govind adds that facilities offered overseas had played a key role in him making his mind. This would help me come back and lead a good career in India, he added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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