3-year-old from UP claims real family from his previous life is in Punjab

The boy named Jeetan first made the claim when his sister tried to tie a rakhi on his arm as he insisted his real sister is in Bholapur.

Reincarnation is among supernatural phenomenon which has captured the imagination of audiences in across the world. A large number of people are also known to believe in rebirth and such cases have often been reported from different corners of the country.

In a bizarre incident from a village in UP, a three-year-old child is claiming that the people he is living with isn’t his real family and that his actual peers are in a village in Bholapur. The village he mentions is in Punjab and the boy’s insistence that his father is a foreigner has left everyone baffled.

The boy named Jeetan first shocked his family when his sister tried to tie a rakhi on his hand, as he claimed that his real sister was in Bholapur. Since the boy was adamant and kept saying he wanted to meet his real father, the family took him to Punjab and the meeting took place.

Jeetan started shouting ‘he is my father’ the moment he saw a man called Dilip in Bholapur according to a Bengali daily. Dilip said that his 30-year-old son had drowned somewhere in south India.

While people are unsure which family’s claim on the child is stronger, the families don’t seem to have any dispute over the issue.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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