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Alabi Ayobami planning to start Starwise Entertainment in India and launch Syed Ali

Published Aug 13, 2019, 12:51 pm IST
Updated Aug 13, 2019, 6:26 pm IST
According to rumours, he has already started talks with few directors from India, and this shows he is very much serious about this project.
Alabi Samson Ayobami and  Syed Saim Ali
 Alabi Samson Ayobami and Syed Saim Ali

CEO of Starwise Group Alabi Samson Ayobami Nigerian top Entrepreneur and also famous name worldwide, he is known as his education projects, his social work in Nigeria. This young lad is honoured in China with an award for his excellent Noble work towards education in Nigeria. 

According to the sources, Alabi's new love is Indian movies, yes you read it right Indian Movies. Don't know where he fell in love with Indian movies. His passion for Indian film has grown to the extent that he has decided to produce a movie with his production house Starwise Entertainment in Bollywood. It will be a new start for his company, and he is adding Entertainment part too so his firm will be known as Starwise Entertainment.


Might you be thinking as a joke Right? But it's not a joke, this talented young entrepreneur of Nigeria is all set to jump in Indian movies as Producer. Now we will see a new stream of Producer in B-town who will bring a modern vibe in B-town with their entrance.

According to the sources, Alabi has decided an actor too for his Dream project and for that he has planned to launch a new Actor for B-town. He is non-other than Syed Saim Ali, an inspiring young actor who has stamped his name in Pakistan with adorable looks and acting. He is in touch with Saim Ali and wanted to launch him in India if everything goes alright.

Alabi came in touch with Syed Saim through the social media platform. He felt Syed Saim would be a perfect lead actor for his project as he is good looking, young and versatile too. Maybe Alabi wanted to portray his own story with this project who knows.

Whatever may be Alabi's story for Bollywood. One thing is sure it will be an exciting Story. And it will be great to see how two different people from totally different places will come together and work for one project. Now, that's the advantage of B-town it has doors open for all. 

The movie comes or not, we don't know, but we know one thing. It has given us a piece of spicy news and allowed us to write on two talented people from different places who want to work in India.

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