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Capturing hearts, one vlog at a time

Published Aug 13, 2018, 12:17 am IST
Updated Aug 13, 2018, 12:17 am IST
When it comes to engaging with people online, nobody does it like Sejal Kumar, making her one of India’s most popular YouTube celebrities.
Sejal  Kumar
 Sejal Kumar

You don’t have to star in your own TV show to become a celebrity these days. For those millennials with a passion to entertain others, YouTube has levelled the playing field. 

Sejal Kumar, is a class apart. Her fashion and lifestyle vlogs have definitely struck a chord, giving her a following of dedicated subscribers. 


This 23-year-old Delhi-based girl too had to make some unconventional choices to follow her dreams. Not sitting for campus placements to become a full-time YouTuber was the biggest decision she took. It has proved to be fruitful, as she now represents India across the world and her YouTube channel has successfully amassed nearly 1 million subscribers in three years. 

Sejal is a girl of many talents. 

Her videos are usually centred around fashion, especially for college-going girls. She is now also a part of the web series called Engineering Girls. That’s not all, this young YouTuber has also left us awestruck with her covers of famous songs. But none of this has made her give up her other passion travelling.


When asked about how she manages YouTube, travelling, vlogging and shooting for the web series, she says, “I plan on how to go about my videos at the beginning of every month, to make sure I have one video every week.”

An economics graduate from Delhi’s SRCC, Sejal has always given us the girl-next-door vibes with her experimental outfits. She says she loves to be fashionable in any role.

Along with pursuing YouTube and learning how to grow the business single-handedly, she has also dabbled in other activities. Sejal was a part of the Miss India pageant. This young girl had also joined President Obama’s Town Hall with young people about active citizenship on December 1, 2017, as a representative of the YouTube community!


Although a glamorous profession, many youngsters are still hesitant to pursue YouTube as a career. Sejal says, “I have had my share of hiccups and started my channel when I was in the final year of my graduation. Although I was an economics student, I always used to find fashion, YouTube and blogging very interesting. If you have the support from friends and family, things get easier. During the budding stage, many people looked down on me, I got hate comments too and was really upset. But I didn’t want to give up. I worked really hard to reach this stage. Now, I don’t care about the hatred or the negativity.”


From being a nobody to giving TEDx talks and inspiring thousands of youngsters, Sejal’s journey has been wonderful, to say the least. The message this multi-talented star wants to pass on to youngsters is that one should not stop working hard, as it pays off sooner or later.

“There is a lot of negativity on the Internet now. So, promote only good things in whatever you do,” says the young YouTuber, who recently visited Hyderabad.