Running for a cause

The 10-km marathon on Sunday aims to raise awareness about organ donation.

As August 13 is National Organ Donation Day, it would be the best occasion to promote the importance of organ donation as well as urge people to come forward and pledge to give the needy a second chance to live. The Second Lap is all about this.

The 10-km Mini Marathon that starts from Willington Island and ends at Thoppumpady is an effort by Yes Bank and Excel 2017 to make people realise death is not the end to life and that donating organs to the ones who are struggling to live can make you live on through them.

Explaining more about the need for awareness regarding organ donation, the organisers say it is because of lack of proper awareness that an illegal industry of organ trading strives in our country.

This is mainly because the availability of organs is meagre when compared to the demand. Awareness about the fact that a single person can save many lives by donating multiple organs should be spread to everyone.

Medical Trust Hospital is partnering with the Mini Marathon and the names of those who are interested in signing up for organ donation will be passed on to the hospital, which will in turn contact the government department responsible to supervise the same and facilitate further proceedings.

Actor Roshan Mathew and MLA Hibi Eden will flag off the Second Lap that has been organised as a part of Excel 2017, by Government Model Engineering College. It will start at 7 am today and the organisers are expecting around 500 participants.

Actors like Neeraj Madhav, Aju Varghese and Vaishak Nair have also come forward to promote the cause.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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