This caste-blind TamBrahm Boys video will make you wince

Many people are finding this video quite annoying and feel that the video is glorifying a particular caste.

Just recently Culture Machine released its new video on TamBrahm Boy as part of their Sassy Sistah series and everyone has been talking about it.

The song has lyrics like

tan brown bod”

“simple, gentle, so totally yum”

“I fly higher than his GPA”

Many people are finding this video quite annoying and feel that the video is glorifying a particular caste. However, to understand it better one must read the press release that was shared on

The release says:

The ‘Tam Brahm Boy’ is the first video in the series that will give a quirky take on everything South Indian, including our delectable Tamil Brahmin boys! Whether it is his dorky glasses or his geeky demeanour, there is something incredibly attractive about the personality of the Tam Brahm boy that appeals to all the women in South India (and sometimes, even in North India). Sofia Ashraf, a new member of the Blush team in the south, is seen sharing her extremely strong opinions in a love song objectifying a typical Tamil Brahmin boy using hilarious southern stereotypes.

Being an avid content creator, Sonia Ashraf has brought out an important aspect of our society and how women’s sexual emotions are treated in our country through the stereotypical depiction of the infamous south Indian boy. Apart from being a very entertaining and humorous, this video is eye-opening and definitely a must watch.

Speaking about the video, Sofia Ashraf, Producer, Culture Machine said, “Hidden beneath the camp disco beats and south Indian clichés, this song actually carries an idea. I believe that women in this country are denied our sexual urges. This song is an unapologetic expression of primal desires and I hope that over time it becomes acceptable for Indian women to speak out about our passions and our sexuality stops being demonised.”

The press release also states that this is the same Sofia Ashraf who released the ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ video.

There has also been some outrage on the Facebook and Youtube regarding this video. Viewers have also argued that the word TamBrahm should be kicked out because casteism is written all over it.

Viewers also think that the video is glorifying the TamBrahm Boy misleading stereotype and it’s essential to understand the difference between ‘making fun’ and trying to make ‘something funny’.

The clip makes assumptions like that Tambrahm men are simple and gentle, they have beautiful hot bods and are intelligent because they score high GPA.

These characteristics are misleading in a way. Though maybe Sofia Ashraf intended to make a video focusing on female sexuality but it has sparked outraged among various people.

Responding to some of the negative reviews that the video, Sofia Ashraf took to Facebook to state that the video "is in no way meant to be casteist or supremist".

She wrote:

Normally, I NEVER address haters. But, this needs to be said. Before we brush aside the haters for the Tam Brahm video as people who didn't get the sarcasm behind it, we need to listen to what they are saying. A lot of their reasons for taking offence may sound silly, but the fight is real. My video is in no way meant to be casteist or supremist and everyone who knows me knows that I am neither. That much is true. But these people are trying to fight a bigger battle against decades of culture washing and I don't blame them for getting their pitchforks out everytime someone says the words Brahmin in a non-privilege-checking scenario. It doesn't validate some of their hateful comments against an entire community, but, I think their agenda isn't entirely misplaced and I understand where they're coming from, is what I'm saying."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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