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For the Love of Ice cream!

Published May 13, 2019, 12:15 am IST
Updated May 13, 2019, 12:15 am IST
From Bengaluru’s grandmother to mother and daughter all have the charm for ice cream!
Raina Joseph with her mother hosting the ice cream making workshop.
 Raina Joseph with her mother hosting the ice cream making workshop.

Mothers have time and again, gone above and beyond to make life easy for their children. Despite the usual tiffs and differences, they are almost always the first person you think of regardless of the situation you are in, be it success, happiness, trouble, sickness or sadness.

This grandmom  - mom - daughter trio who nailed the art of ice cream making  are now successfully conducting workshops across the Bengaluru!


Raina Joseph, a graduate of Mount Carmel College was taught the art by her mother who learned it from her mother! “My nana (grandmother) was very open to learning. So she mastered ice-cream making on her own, nearly 25 -30 years ago from a pamphlet she received. She then taught it to my mom.”, Raina says.

The supermom Treesa Joseph says “We’re a team. When I conducted my first workshop at MCC, I told Raina, ‘If you are there, I’ll do it well’ and she made sure to come along and support me, now here we are, happy and successful!”


Daughters sure have that phase during adolescence when their moms suddenly become their arch rivals. It wasn’t very different for Raina either. “I too had a rebel period with my mom, where we disagreed on many things. But when I look back now, it is that rebellious period that brought me close to her. Now she’s my anchor and foundation and we balance out well” she says.

Giving a sneak peek into the rapport between this awesome mother - daughter duo Treesa says.“Oh Raina is not great with numbers, so I manage the financial department and I’m not a person of many words, so she manages the talking”,


Mothers have always been protective about their children and Treesa is a great example. “I got my periods very early in life. So my mother was very gentle and protective about me. I never understood it back then, but today I can see how much she cared for me. In the end mothers are both durga and Kali at the same time.”

There’s no such thing as the perfect parenting, but when healthy parent - children relationships unfold before you, it’s hard to miss. “Mom and dad, have always been very supportive. She was never imposing and never forced me into doing anything I didn’t like. She saw the potential in me, and was open to me choosing cooking or baking as a full time career.”


In the end of it all, mothers are the purest souls walking on the planet. “She doesn’t expect me to do anything fancy for occasions like the recent Mother’s Day. All she wants is a little rest, so for that one day, I have to clean up, feed my kumbkarna chotta bhai, and she deserves it.”

— Angel Maria