Valentine's Day 2018: Gurgaon man offers himself as boyfriend on rent' for V-day

26-year-old Shakul Gupta, Gurgaon-based entrepreneur, is all ready to rent himself out and provide four packages on special day this year.

“Valentine’s Day boyfriend for rental” reads this Gurgaon based entrepreneur’s Facebook post.

With V-Day right round the corner, you might be looking for a special someone to spend the day with, or maybe you do not want to invest that much emotionally but would rather go through the motions for fun.

Shakul Gupta, a 26-year-old Gurgaon-based entrepreneur, is all ready to rent himself out and provide four packages from “holding hands” to “anything you want” on Valentine’s Day this year.

This correspondent got in touch with Gupta to simply ask him… why?

Gupta, who is the CEO and Founder at replied, “Just for fun and to find a Valentines.”

“It’s just my way,” he went on to add.

The cheeky entrepreneur’s post even adds that by using the Promo code 'RICHGUY' one could get 20 per cent off on the packages and a free ride in his Audi.

The confident youngster goes on to add, “Your family will love me and so will your friends.”

But there is a glitch; the self proclaimed generous, open-minded and idealistic man however says that he cannot defend you from cockroaches. Neither can he talk fashion or beauty and will not eat seafood.

He can, however, give you experiences that range from Christian Grey (“never tried it but willing to explore and try new things”, he says), Billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years, Gay, Innocent look, Sweet lover and Bad boy.

Despite getting thousands of replies and shares, Gupta however, is quick to clarify, “I would like to add that I am not asking for anything at all, it was clearly just for fun.”

And it turns out that he has a very traditional take on love as well. When asked what does love mean to him, Gupta said that it is God’s greatest gift and no one can actually put a price on it.

So girls, if you are looking to find your perfect man for Valentine’s Day, you know where to go.

Gupta’s post has received around 20,000 comments and over 2,000 shares till Tuesday morning. Needless to say, he has a lot on his plate.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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