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Strumming her own tune to success

Published Oct 11, 2019, 12:22 am IST
Updated Oct 11, 2019, 12:22 am IST
Forging a new path forward, standing up for the values she believes in, and building a wildly successful business.
Darshana Balagopal (Photo: A.R. Anser)
 Darshana Balagopal (Photo: A.R. Anser)

For the few women who have reached the highest ranks, they’d prefer not to talk about their gender. To them it’s no longer an issue.

Their accomplishments represent significant milestones - not just for women in business - but for women all over the world making career choices. One among them is Darshana Balagopal, mother of two, who is head of marketing for a popular Chinese mobile corporation.


“I am really happy that I have created the largest market for my company in the smart phone business,” says Darshana. She is currently conducting a singing competition for aspiring musicians throughout Tamil Nadu.

“Only north-Indian people have exposure to art forms like Hip-Hop and RNB. The rest of India has only limited disclosure. We want to create a platform for young talents,” she explains.

Rapper Lady Kash also appreciated the talents of Tamil Nadu when she was judging the competition conducted by Darshana. Lady Kash had said that there was nobody to sing Hip-Hop and RNB in the state, but now it has changed and she was astonished to see people belting out rock and mettle music.


Darshana has also done some amazing work in style and fashion; she headed the luxury section of a trendy mall in the city earlier. “Local materials and brands have to be recognised by the people here, I endorse fashion designers like Chaitanya Rao and Vivek Karunakaran who have amazing talent,” she cherishes.

Darshana feels that the epitome of fashion lies in the local routes. If not the whole attire, people can add the raw fabric to their wardrobes.

“Women should not move away from the guilt factor to be with their kids, they should focus on their work. Children will definitely look up to you when you work,” explains Darshana about women who are afraid of spending time with their kids.


She says, “Believing in yourself, confidence and ignoring all the negatives is very essential to become a women entrepreneur. Choosing the right person to work at the right time is also very important.”

Above all, job satisfaction and fulfilment in work is what we need to make right decisions in our career, believes Darshana.