Nothing ‘Queer’ just funny!

Published Aug 11, 2018, 12:07 am IST
Updated Aug 11, 2018, 12:07 am IST
Comedian Navin Noronha will be performing on August 12 at That Comedy Club. He answers our rapid fire...
Navin Noronha.
 Navin Noronha.

1) What is one of the most important qualities a comedian must possess?Absolute humility. The crowd can make or break you, and arrogance is not a good colour on stage.

2) What are you working on currently?  I am currently touring the country with my solo stand-up show The Good Child because it isn’t fair for only the Mumbai audiences to bear with my rants. I am also working on the second season of the podcast Varta Lab.


3) One comedian you admire and why?
Tig Notaro. She is the epitome of laughing at adversity, and coming out on top. Also a strong gay role model for several people around the world.

4) How has your experience of being an LGBT comedian in India been?
It’s difficult, mainly because most organisers who pay money for gigs are not looking for LGBTQ content. But the club circuit has been generous. There are also times when people have walked out on my set and told me not to talk about my queer identity, but nothing’s stopping me from sharing my story.


5) Your biggest pet peeve and most embarrassing moment on stage?
For the first, people who turn up late everywhere. Because that’s my job.And for the second, when I forgot the ending to my own joke and a crowd member who saw me earlier in the month prompted the punch line.

6) Your first tryst with comedy?
Right after my birth. The doctor announced me as a girl, and then realised his mistake after turning me around. A joke that my mom kept repeating till I came out to her (about being gay). Then she wasn’t laughing.

7) Three things you don't leave your house without?
My insecurities. All three of them.


8) One thing about you that nobody knows, and your favourite joke?
I once ate a colony’s worth of ant larvae on a dare! The joke is by Mitch Hedberg — “I used to do drugs. I still do. But I used to too!”

9) Your biggest fan moment? 
When I met Jackie Shroff. He is incredibly suave, handsome, and delivers the best “Kya Bhidu.”