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‘X’perience girl power

Published Nov 10, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Nov 10, 2017, 12:12 am IST
TEDxKoramangalaWomen will take place this evening, where you can interact with a group of talented female start-up achievers.
Nida Sahar and Raashi Saxena
 Nida Sahar and Raashi Saxena

A group of driven, innovative and entrepreneurial women are getting together to give Bengaluru audiences a taste of inspiration. TEDxKoramangalaWomen, which will take place on November 10 is being organised by city ladies Raashi Saxena and Nida Sahar. The event will see speakers Archana Doshi, Jasmine George and Arpita Ganesh take to the stage to share their stories and spark significant conversations.

Arpita, who’s one of the speakers, is a lingerie expert and has helped more than 3,000 women so far. Ask her what we can expect from her talk and she replies, “A candid talk on bras, the most important, but least talked about garment, that can change a woman’s life and how my ‘love affair’ with them started.” 


Archana Doshi, chef and CEO Archana’s KitchenArchana Doshi, chef and CEO Archana’s Kitchen

Another speaker who will be speaking at the event is Jasmine Lovely George, a lawyer and sexual and reproductive health advocate. Having founded Hidden Pockets, a community interest start-up working on access to sexual and reproductive health in cities, she says, “I hope to reach a wider audience and share my thoughts with the TED community. I’m also excited about getting an excellent opportunity to meet other women who have been doing amazing work.”

 Arpita GaneshArpita Ganesh

The other speaker of the day will be one of the Internet’s favourite desi chefs Archana Doshi, who founded a recipe and food website 10 years ago. “My website enables everyday people to eat healthy and lead a fit lifestyle,” she says. At the TEDx platform, she wishes to share her knowledge and sow a seed for people to become aware of what they eat and how they can eat healthier.

Jasmine George (Lawyer, Activist, Sexuality educator. Founder- Hidden Pockets)Jasmine George (Lawyer, Activist, Sexuality educator. Founder- Hidden Pockets)

Co-organiser Nida chips in, “The main goal was to curate and bring out ideas. Koramangala is a busy hub with colleges, corporates and cool hangouts. So that’s why we chose the place.” Ask these inventive speakers what challenges they encountered while treading the entrepreneurial path and Jasmine says, “I faced a lack of trust that decision-makers have when they meet a young women change-maker. There is always reservation and resistance to anything new. I’d like cities and technology to become more gender-friendly.”

Arpita, on the other hand, admits that the obstacles she faced were not gender-specific. “The biggest challenge was changing the mindset of women to start investing in good bras, because a good bra makes them not only feel good, but also look good. In India, the mindset has been and continues to be that the bra is just a thing you need to wear, but it’s not so,” she shares. To interact and connect with inspirational women, head to TEDxKoramangalaWomen, which will kick off at 5 pm at Headout, Koramangala today.