Time for a frazzled Jamboree

Local youngsters chat about sustaining friendships and meeting people amidst chaotic traffic and distances.

For a second, imagine what it would be like travelling from say, Malleswaram to Koramangala for the day. Funny how the thought of getting across to another part of the city intensifies your blood pressure just a smidgen, right? Bengaluru as a city has excellent connectivity, but this still hasn’t helped us cross hurdles when it comes to meeting each other. Technically, we all live in the same city but the logistical differences that we need to consider before getting someplace is huge. You would have to plan meetings a few days in advance, factoring in how to reach.

This becomes a challenge when it comes to being connected to friends or family on another side of town. Having a social life in these circumstances becomes quite strenuous. Sam Varghese a resident of Electronic City says, “When I drive into the city, I hit the queue for a flyover toll booth which is essentially meant to avoid traffic under it. The traffic is inevitable which means that I have to plan a lot in advance. My social life has become rigorously planned and scarce.”

A lot of planning goes into having little meet-ups as it is the only way around the problem. This is a little absurd as Shruti Panda, a resident of BTM exclaims, “If you want to meet a friend, then you have to plan it like a week in advance, considering your schedules. There are many constraints like traffic and time when you stay in the city. I get to meet my friends only a couple of times a month.”

The more common meet-up spots are near main metro stations like MG Road, Indiranagar or Mantri Square Sampige Road, as other places would require further travelling. Vivekanand D Sajjan, a Sarjapura resident points out the constraints on having an active social life makes him stay occupied with just work and family.

“Last minute plans are impossible and you have to cancel sometimes because along with work stress, you won’t be able to deal with traffic too,” he says.

While the opening of the new metro line has come as a boon, there are times when you are forced to reconsider your choice. For Priyanjali Mittal, a Jalahalli resident, had to consider moving closer to her place of work as the distance she covers daily makes it tedious. “I am lucky to have friends closer to where I live but there is a friend in Indiranagar who I get to meet only a couple of times a year,” she says.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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