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Lifestyle Viral and Trending 10 Jun 2019 The chandelier craze ...

The chandelier craze!

Published Jun 10, 2019, 12:13 am IST
Updated Jun 10, 2019, 12:13 am IST
A small home doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the luxury of a chandelier. With these tips, you can install one in any room at home.
Ensure that the chandelier that you buy is not bigger than the size of the table
 Ensure that the chandelier that you buy is not bigger than the size of the table

We all grew up with dreams fantasising about swinging from the chandeliers in our homes, well at least Sia did! Being creative and yet maintaining class is a difficult task and let’s face it there’s not enough room. But fret not we have a line of the creme of crop interior designers to give you tips to incorporate chandeliers into your small, happy homes.

The chandelier that you buy should go well with the decor around itThe chandelier that you buy should go well with the decor around it


Ravi Roshan an interior designer says, “While purchasing a chandelier it is necessary to have a checklist ready with below pointers – the theme of house, place/area of installation, visibility from other areas. Remember it’s your house where chandelier will be installed. Don’t get charmed by the showroom design and ambience. It is also essential to analyse the light intensity and it’s direct impact on eyes. How easy or tough it is to replace or change lights or crystals when damaged”

While choosing a  chandelier keep in mind the height and width of a room.While choosing a chandelier keep in mind the height and width of a room.

Speaking about where you can have a chandelier he adds, “One can have a chandelier in the foyer as it’s a welcome area to anybody stepping into the house. In the living room, as a divider from the  dining area or a focal point for the seating area.”  

Giving us a detailed insight into the points you have to look at while purchasing chandeliers, Soumita Roy an interior designer says, “Consider the space or the area before selecting the design. Make sure your ceiling is high enough to hang a chandelier. Consider the false ceiling details before selecting the design. Based on the design around the room you should select the shape of the chandelier. Check the maintenance/ quality of the crystals (if it’s a crystal chandelier). I’d recommend go for LED lighting to save on electricity.”

Throwing some light on the after care is Kate Jose, an interior designer. She says, “You have to speak to the manufacturer of the chandelier about the relevant after care. If you picked up a chandelier with crystals then you need to know how to clean the crystal for which you will need a vacuum cleaner. How to replace the bulbs and it is imperative to ask how easy these bulbs are available in the market. If you go for one which is modern then maintenance is less as modern means thicker and cleaner lines. But, of course it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean it. In this case it depends on the material of the chandelier and how intricate the design is. The most important thing is if you can easily stand on a stool and clean the chandelier from the top. Mainly because it is difficult to dismantle these pieces.”

There’s always a dos and don’ts list for every new venture and in this case Soumita says, “The Do’s are to consult your interior designer or the shop person on the maintenance part and consider the design of the area around the chandelier. Don’t buy a chandelier that’s bigger than the table. Don’t buy a chandelier this is vertically long if the ceiling height is less.”