Hyderabad’s desi dairy entrepreneur

Klimom milk is available in and around Hyderabad, and Klimom ghee is available all over India in all leading online retail stores.

Her search for pure cow milk for her children led her to become a dairy farming entrepreneur. Born and brought up in Hyderabad by a politician father and a homemaker mother, this 35-year-old engineering graduate found herself upset with milk adulteration and decided that she wanted to start her own farm.

“When I learnt about the adulteration that milk was being subjected to, I embarked on a search for pure cow milk for my children and that is when I realised that the A2 milk which has been proven healthy all over the world is nothing but the milk from our very own desi cows,” said Allola Divya Reddy, the founder of Klimom Wellness and Farms.

Elaborating on her journey as an entrepreneur, Divya, a proud mother of two, said, “I did not consciously plan to start a dairy farm. In fact, everything fell into place pretty much on its own. I simply couldn’t find a legitimate supplier of pure A2 milk in Hyderabad, so I figured that I could set up my own gaushala with desi cows to provide nutritious milk to my children. Additionally, the cow dung and urine, I figured, could be used for organic farming. Consequently, the extra milk that our cows produced was distributed among friends and family, and they started spreading the word. That’s how Klimom gained momentum.”

Talking about what inspired her to venture into dairy farming, Divya explained, “When I travelled to Gujarat to acquire my first herd of cows, I was inspired by the way the Gvala (caretakers) were taking care of the cows and how the cows were responding to the Gvala. I wanted to experience the wholesome joy that the Gvala were experiencing. That is how I set up Klimom Wellness And Farms.”

Allola Divya Reddy received the National Gopal Ratna Award from the Government of India last year. The dairy entrepreneur, however, prefers not to use the word ‘dairy farm’ to desribe her enterprise. “Considering the cruelty that cattle are being subjected to in dairy farms, I prefer to use the word gaushala to label my enterprise. Calves and cows are meant to stay together in a setting where the calf continues to remain the rightful owner of its mother’s milk,” she said.

Klimom is a passion-driven mission, and Divya Reddy finds immense satisfaction in hearing from a mother that her child’s immunity had improved after switching to Klimom milk. “It makes me happy every time a mother tells me that Klimom milk is suiting her child,” she says.

While her entire family is involved in all farm activities, some go the extra mile to pamper the cows. “The farm consists of open grazing spaces and organic fodder is fed to the cows,” she said. Other than what is apparent on the surface, the founder of the gaushala has deeper aspirations. “Klimom is not just about milk. We want to bring back the glory of the sacred Indian cows and also spread awareness about A2 milk and its products. I am very happy that our A2 milk is reaching many young mothers and their children. My primary goal is to facilitate an increase in the population of desi cows and this path will help me empower many women.”

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