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Taking the risqué route

Published Mar 10, 2021, 4:24 pm IST
Updated Mar 10, 2021, 4:24 pm IST
For survival in a cut-throat industry, hit by the pandemic, the only option for many models is to go bold or go home.
Model Rivvika Mani
 Model Rivvika Mani

It’s been a tough year for the glam industry, especially for the young models and actors who were still finding their feet before the pandemic. While the lockdown took a real beating on their income, the biggest setback was the aftermath as fashion and film projects reduced. However, many models and actors have turned around their situations, earning their living by switching to the X-rated territory by creating sexually titillating content for adult audiences on private apps and websites.

One could debate if this is a professional move to keep the wolf from their door or it’s their way of trying to stay relevant in these times. But one thing no one can get wrong is that none here is a victim of the situation. These empowered women are actually bringing respectability to an industry that’s for as long as time worked in the shadows.


No money, no honey

Fans like the idea of staying in touch with glamorous models because of their sensual and outgoing nature. Mumbai-based model and actress Maushmi Udeshi decided to cash in on this outlook and choosing a paid-subscription model is the best way to stay in touch with everyone without wasting time on perverts.

Currently, she is among the top five percent of adult content creators on the global website OnlyFans, which has a subscription fee is `3,600 per month.
When the pandemic hit the world in March 2020, Maushmi decided not to step out of her house because of the scary COVID situation. She first cancelled all her shoots. “To keep the money flowing in, I joined subscription-based portals such as OnlyFans and EscapeNow (which has a subscription fee),” she adds. And on these sites, Maushmi’s fans subscribe to her profile and pay for her sensual pictures and videos.


Making voyeurism pay

Maushmi gives us a little more insight into her choice of the unusual work scenario in the times of COVID-19.

“Although sites such as OnlyFans are still taboo in India, I’ve used it to create and share sensual creative content in my own beautiful way. I have used it to connect with my fans and online friends in an approachable manner, and I get paid to do that. I am also active on a few live-streaming apps, on which people pay a large amount to connect with celebrities and models directly,” she says. For an extra fee, Maushmi also holds private cam chats and is happy to meet interested folks for coffee/dinner, although that is only in public places. “I charge them for my time and keep it absolutely professional. The best thing about work like this is that it gives me full creative control and keeps the sleazy middlemen away,” says the spirited woman.
What’s better? Now, when she get calls from perverted casting directors or ‘casting-couch’ fake ‘producers’ asking for nudes/ bikini pictures to work with her, Maushmi asks them to subscribe to her platform and pay for the content instead of wasting her time. That’s what empowerment, truly is.


Self-love for survival

The pressure to remain good looking, pay high rents and survive in a competitive industry is not easy. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But the adage is a life hack for many models and actors who come to big cities to make their mark in the industry.
Model and artist Joshna Pasrija registered on the live streaming website a few days back to share her work and earn extra bucks by chatting with people and charging people a certain amount to access her sensual content on the site.

Insta(nt) stardom


The pandemic helped several out-of-work glamorous social media influencers and models find instant popularity with their titillating content. Lingerie model who goes by the Instagram handle Holy Polli and works as a model and sells her professional photographs and videos online, says, “I am a YouTube blogger and I do haul videos of lingerie and clothes as this work helps me travel and makes me love my body.”
Interestingly, Holy Polli’s cue for the profession set into her mind when some guy posted her picture online without her consent. Instead of letting the situation drown her, she chose to monetise it.


“The whole thing made me consider this business,” says the model without regrets. So she first had some photo sessions in Ukraine and later travelled with three photographers and three models in the Carpathian Mountains.
“One of those photographers liked me as a model and invited me for a two-week photo tour in Thailand to shoot artistic pictures. Later, I started working for an agency in Europe and now it’s my full-time job,” she adds.

Beautiful and bold

For survival in a cut-throat industry, the only option for many models is to go bold or go home. For actor and model Rivvika Mani, posting bold pictures and content on websites is just another medium to reach out to more fans.


“In life, everything is difficult at first. You just have to work on your goal to achieve success. In the most difficult times, there is always a hidden blessing, so I think one shouldn’t lose hope. One should just believe in one’s talent to develop it in the right direction,” says Rivvika as she explains her work mode. “For me, a profile on EscapeNow or other digital platforms is just another medium to earn money and reach out to my fans.

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