Handler massages tennis ball out of snake's mouth in freaky video

What do you serve but not eat?

A ravenous snake landed in deep trouble after it mistook a tennis ball for an egg and somehow managed to swallow it. An Australian organisation that specialises in the removal of wild reptiles recently uploaded an unsettling video that shows a snake handler massaging a snake to enable it to throw up a tennis ball that it had gulped down.

The serpent had been earlier spotted by some home owners who later alerted a snake catcher. The Townsville Snakehandler team then conducted an x-ray to find out more about the creature’s unusually round lump. It was discovered that the lump was actually a ball and could be taken out by helping the snake regurgitate it.

The team updated on social media that the snake was successfully fed later and then released in the wild.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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