Pennywise: Creepy footage of clown on home's doorstep takes internet by frenzy

Pennsylvania Police department says it is anticipated that \"creepy clown\" sightings could be reported following release of It.

A scary footage has appeared online that shows a creepy clown approaching a homeowner’s doorsteps. This comes amid fears that the new horror movie It will cause more such scarily dressed up people to return.

The black-and-white clip, that has been captured by a camera on the doorbell, shows a clown holding black balloons lurking on the lawn, before coming up to the front door and peering into the house.

The incident happened at Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This comes amidst a growing fear that with the release of the new horror film It the trend of scary dressing-up trend will return.

Police have expressed fears of a return of the 'killer clown' trend fuelled by the release of the Stephen King film which stars Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown.

The movie sees a demon take the shape of a clown and lure kids to their deaths.

In fact, the Pennsylvania State Police department has already issued a statement saying that it is anticipated that "creepy clown" sightings could be reported starting as soon as September, in part due to the fact that the movie IT will be released in theatres.

Some are saying that the figure in the clip filmed by the Ring Video Doorbell is thought to be 'Gags' the Green Bay Clown who was spotted by various witnesses in early August.

Photos shared on a Facebook fan page of Gags show a figure dressed in a ragged jumpsuit, over-sized clown shoes and a dirty ruff collar around the neck.

But whatever it may be, it seems Pennywise might actually be real.

You can watch the video here.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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