When passion takes you to YouTube

Syed is a teacher who has combined his passion for travel and technology by turning into a Vlogger.

What if your mind is a mix of diverse passions and they are in constant conflict to settle at one point? Meet Syed Shiyaz Mirza and take cues. From the capital city comes this tech-savvy teacher with wanderlust, who also has an eye to measure societal pulse. He maintains a YouTube channel of his own, with regular updates varying from travel, technology, education, and employment.

It all started as a pastime fancy for Syed several years ago, when hosting a channel on YouTube was unheard of in Kerala. His top-most interest being travel, Syed’s weekend adventures come in the form of videos. He was speaking about his channel just a few minutes before backpacking to the scenic locales of Varkala on a second Saturday. “Regular updating of videos is not a hard task if you have the will to dedicate a day in a week,” he says. In the past one month though, he gave it a breather with postings on the topics he likes.

In the words of the host, consistently updating a YouTube channel needs too much care, otherwise things could land you in a soup in no time.

Syed's YouTube channel is updated with videos on travel, technology, education and employment.Syed’s YouTube channel is updated with videos on travel, technology, education and employment.

“Make sure your content is genuine, not copied from anywhere. Real content means money. With Google AdSense, it comes directly to you. Choosing music for your video needs careful attention. The best way is to browse through the YouTube audio library, from where we can pick the tunes of our choice. As tech-related jobs are fast becoming less reliable, techies can find self-employment measures to ensure a credible income,” he suggests.

Those thinking about having cutting-edge gadgets to start a channel like this need not worry. “Having a DSLR or an iPhone is a luxury and quality is assured. Most people watch YouTube on their mobile phones,” he adds. Syed, a lecturer in Electrical and Electronics with the Vocational Higher Secondary Department, is ready to share his expertise with aspiring tech enthusiasts.

He foresees a boom of internet channels. “Satellite channels may give in for YouTube channels. Video monetising plans are on for Facebook. That’s a big potential we can explore,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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