Mamata Banerjee optics add to long poll drama

Published Feb 9, 2019, 12:09 am IST
Updated Feb 9, 2019, 12:10 am IST
Tweeple did not take kindly to either side in this farcical drama of one-upmanship.
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee
 West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee

Thigh octane drama descended into a political farce in Kolkata before the Supreme Court came up with a balanced order asking that the Kolkata top cop present himself for questioning by CBI on neutral ground in Shillong.

Known simply as Didi to the Bengalis, the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had taken umbrage at the Centre unleashing the caged parrot at her police commissioner. In view of the top court order, she had to call off her high optics Esplanade dharna and a sort of peace descended but not before CBI officers had been manhandled, detained in police stations and generally humiliated for trying to do their master's bidding.


The loser may be the federal system which was obviously tested in such resistance to a probe by a central agency though it must be said that the timing of the sudden actions in decade-old cases on the eve of the Lok Sabha polls adds more than a soupcon of suspicion of a Union government or ruling party hand.

Tweeple did not take kindly to either side in this farcical drama of one-upmanship. There were comments from both sides of the political divide as condemnatory of Mamata's showmanship as of the CBI's action.

So far as the Saradha and Rose Valley scams that triggered all this drama is concerned, there may be no real accountability or fixing of the crimes. That is the real pity of it all. For finally it is the Indian citizen who loses his rupee while political games go on in his name.

Arun Jaitley @arunjaitley  
When Mamata Banerjee decided to sit on a Dharna she received support of many opposition parties who aspire to be in power. Most of them, or their affiliates are today being investigated, prosecuted and in some cases have also been convicted for crimes of corruption

Dr David Frawley @davidfrawleyved  
Observing what #MamataBanerjee has done to West Bengal in terms of lack of economic development, decline in border security, loss of freedom of expression, or disrespect for the law - one can imagine what would happen to India as a whole if groups aligned with her took power

Mukul Roy @MukulR_ Official
People of West Bengal want to live peacefully, not to be misruled by @Mamata Official and her corrupt officials. She did complete politicisation if government machinery, there is no difference between TMC cadres and police

Shridhar Natrajan@shridharnatraja
Thanks Momata jee, to made such hue and cry ... Now whole India knows that in chit fund scam about 40,000 crore of people's money looted but Momata Di does nothing. CBI tried to do and you stop CBI, why poor people's money looted and you r not interested

Arvind Vishwakarma @ArvindVishwak10
Complete anarchism is West Bengal. @MamataOfficial treats Bengal as her fiefdoms. She is dangerous for unity of India

Sri Vikram Basu @ShriVBasu
Our Maharani is only amplifying what the asinine left had done to this rajya. She has broken the hearts of all those who gave her power. However, Congress only has one person as it's PM candidate & it's not our Maharani. Mahagutbandhan might get broken into pro-Cong & anti-Cong

Umar Khalid @UmarKhalidJNU
Bhakts say, Mr 56 inch won't leave any corrupt opposition leader. I agree. He will simply induct them into his own party. Like, Mukul Roy the chief accused in the Saradha Scam. Gappu ji, everyone can see through your antics & abuse of institutions! #MamataVsCBI

Dr.P.S.Vishnu Vardhan @drpsvvardhan
@narendramodi takes Action against Tukde Tukde gang &terrorists - It is intolerance Action against black money - Poor are suffering Action against Tax evader - people losing jobs.. Action against Corrupt - Institutions in danger Action against Scamsters - Democracy in danger

Swati Chaturvedi@bainjal
The Modi govt tried the same stunt with the CBI raid on @ArvindKejriwal whatever happened to the "huge case" against Rajendra Kumar? Difference was #MamataVsCBI had a police force & took on Modi

Prashant Bhushan@pbhushan1
Listen to Mukul Roy, the main accused in the Bengal chit fund scam,who then joined the BJP, speaking to Vijayvargiya, BJP in charge of WB, about how he should speak to Amit Shah to misuse the CBI, IT&ED to pressurize top police officers of WB.

Totlani Krishan@kktotlani
#MamataVsCBI Big win for CBI & hard slap on Mamata as CJI directs Police Commissioner to present himself for investigation before CBI & SC also says it would issue notice to chief secy, DGP and Rajeev Kumar in contempt petition

Sunanda Vashisht@sunandavashisht
What rubbish is Chandrababu Naidu talking? If he has national aspirations, he is not going anywhere with that useless rhetoric #MamataVsCBI

Bit late for that realization ,WB voted for Communist for 30+ years and then TMC for 10 years should one blame CPI or TMC or the people who voted for them

Rajesh Pathak@rajesh_j_pathak  
Nothing will happen as imagined by you. For you only BJP can do good. Lopsided & prejudiced tweets always. Leave Indian politics to its fate. There are Indians to worry about India