Artificial intelligence system can determine your sexual orientation

Critics are concerned the system can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Just by looking a photo, a computer program, can tell if you are gay or night with 91% accuracy, a study claims.

The computer can detect subtle differences in facial structure that the human eye can't, researchers say.

The system was first introduced to a number of photos that included a mix of gay and straight, male and female. The computed took in measurements of the ratios between the different facial features - face, cheekbones, nose and chin. It made a note of the one's that were likely to appear in gay people, the Daily Mail reported.

When it was established that the patterns associated with homosexuality were learnt, the system was shown a series of new faces. When it was shown five photos of gay and straight, it was able to identify each man's sexuality 91% of the time.

With women the model was only able to tell gay and straight apart with 71% accuracy. However, its performance far superseded human ability to make this distinction.

However, critics are concerned that the artificial intelligence system to "out" those who are not ready to reveal their sexuality.

"Is my husband gay?" is more searched for on Google that "is my husband having an affair," the Daily Mail reported. "In countries where homosexuality is a crime, software which promises to infer sexuality from a face is an alarming prospect," warn an article in Economist.

Researchers Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang will soon publish their findings in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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