Harry Potter creator JK Rowling slammed by scientist for her tweet on female orgasm

JK Rowling is known for her sarcasm, but this was one instance that it may just have backfired.

JK Rowling’s recent sarcastic comment on her Twitter handle on a study regarding the female orgasm was slammed to be one without much thought.

This came just days after a study was published in which scientists claimed to have discovered why women are able to orgasm when it appears to have no reproductive use, reports the Independent.

The outspoken Harry Potter author noticed the article in a leading daily and tweeted, “Yes, the prospect of pushing an eight pound object out of your vagina should be more than enough incentive for sex.”

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One of the academicians, Mihaela Pavlicev, who worked on the study, was unimpressed by the comment which was ‘favourited’ 13,000 times by Twitter followers.

According to Pavlicev, “Our work is on the evolutionary origin of female orgasm, very much pre-dating the 8lb babies, and in fact pre-dating human lineage.”

“Functions of the traits change in evolution and what may sound plausible opinion to us, including Miss Rowling, may not be what evolution is about. I think the opinion is not generated with very much thought, and I would suggest actually reading the paper might help, the researcher added. An irate Pavlicev was also quoted to have told the Press Association that should read the paper that she and her colleague, Dr Wagner, had produced on the subject.

The 51-year-old author was also blasted by the author of the article Carl Zimmer who reportedly said, “Obviously, you did not read my story.”

After the brouhaha surrounding her tweet, Rowling made light of the affair, tweeting: “I have now used both ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ on Twitter in one week. Yes, I *am* having problems with this chapter, thanks for asking.”

( Source : ANI )
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