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MELLOW drama, it is!

Published Feb 8, 2017, 12:33 am IST
Updated Feb 8, 2017, 12:35 am IST
His theatre workshops are a perfect way to destress and Rangaraj has already conducted 25 such events.
Rangaraj  Bhattacharya
 Rangaraj Bhattacharya

We’ve all heard about coping mechanisms. However, if blowing off some steam at the gym or banking on the therapeutic effects of yogic asanas aren’t really doing the trick, theatre could be the answer. Or so believes Rangaraj Bhattacharya, a city-based theatre artiste and former IT employee, who conjured up WeMove Solutions – a venture that renders intensive stress-busting theatre workshops. But here’s the catch — Unlike most state-of-art-concepts, the initiative works around a prop-less technique — in an empty room, with no chairs, supporting equipments or tables. In a candid chat, the theatre enthusiast tells us how freewheeling activities are the way forward...

“I was working in the IT sector, and always felt that the training given to the employees could be bettered. But what could be done was always a question. During a conversation with my colleague in IBM, I realised that doing the training using theatre would make it fun and more effective and that prompted the start of the theatre workshop,” shares Bhattacharya, who has conducted over 250 workshops, reaching to more than 10,000 employees with his team.

On how the prop-less idea has garnered interest among various age-groups, Rangaraj states, “The participants end up doing  90 per cent of the work during the sessions — hence, it’s one of the easiest ways to burn calories while having fun. What’s more, you’re doing it with a colleague. So, the idea promotes team spirit and working across teams which is the need of the hour.”

Brushing aside stereotypical notions surrounding this medium, Rangaraj adds, “A lot of people assume theatre means only acting, and the workshops will be about learning how to act. But the fact is that there is very minimal or no acting involved in most of our interventions. The whole point of the workshop  is to  shed inhibitions, learn to relax and ensure the learning retention is more.”

On days, when the theatre enthusiast wishes to unwind, it’s rustling up a storm in the kitchen is one of the things he loves doing. “I always make time to indulge in a martial arts session. That, cooking creatively and salsa aside, it’s only theatre that keeps me going.”

Speaking about what next on the cards, Rangaraj concludes by stating, “We have started working with schools. A few have also included theatre as a part of the curriculum as this helps the students immensely. Most of the individuals that we hone are within the age group of 22-25. Unfortunately, stress hits people from as young as 16. So, I’m looking to work with colleges and universities this year, these kind of workshops will help the students be better prepared to take on the challenges in the corporate world, with the right mash of fun, of course!”



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