Think before you Just Do It'

In a plunging stock price backlash, the company lost $3 billion market cap.

Nike made the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick one of the faces of its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” ad campaign. The most talked about ad — featuring the American gridiron football player who started the movement of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to raise awareness about police brutality on African-Americans and other such racial injustices — has split USA further down the middle. President Donald trump, a vocal critic of athletes who knelt, had said that those who took the knee should be fired, also adding that players who don’t stand “shouldn’t be in the country”.

The ad may have polarised USA even more and not only across the Republican-Democrat divide but also made it an open war between white and black. In a plunging stock price backlash, the company lost $3 billion market cap but may have made friends of people who saw it as a fitting comment on the state of USA and the battle of the races. Of course, with less than 50 per cent of its global sales coming from the US, Nike may benefit worldwide with its message about equality and opportunity while putting the spotlight on US discrimination. “Is this the land history promised?” Nike asked in multi-page print ads while stressing on equality.

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The image of sport and how it offers a level playing field for all received a boost even if the Republicans and others started burning all their sporting apparel and shoes with the famous Swoosh.

Bill O’Reilly @BillOReilly
Remember when Colin Kaepernick wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs? So here’ s my question for Nike: if Mr. Kaepernick wore socks mocking Muslims or gays, would you hire him to endorse your products?

John O. Brennan @JohnBrennan
Colin Kaepernick drew our collective attention to the problem of continued racial injustice in America. He did so not to disrespect our flag but to give meaning to the words of the preamble of our Constitution —”in order to form a more perfect union.” Well done, Colin, well done

J Black @DaUnder ground20
It’s funny people are upset about Nike’s ad featuring Colin Kapernick and players kneeling. But where’s the outrage over people of color not getting equal protection under the law. Symbols mean nothing if we aren’t living up to what they represent. Black men, women and children

Cissie Graham Lynch @CissieGLynch
Is this a joke Nike? 1. Colin Kapernick didn’t even believe in “the something” enough to vote in 2016. 2. What is the sacrifice? He has not sacrificed anything!

Colby_Rocks @LisaLlinaresWol
Nike pays workers in Thailand next to nothing to produce sneakers that they then sell for $125 a pair. Nobody cares. Nike pays Colin Kapernick & puts him in an ad, everyone loses their minds.

John Lundin @johnlundin
Donald Trump says that Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad sends a ‘terrible message,’ while Donald sends the message every day that lying is normal and that the law doesn’t apply to him

nike did not force you into anything. they made an ad for colin kapernick who was mistreated by the nfl & it’s owners for protesting against police brutality & unfair advantages in our judicial system for African-Americans. If you want to burn shoes you bought then go ahead

melissa byrne @mcbyrne
Nike is good for culture jamming of #Kapernick. But Nike is a structurally evil company built on abusing the people who make the clothing. They should get ZERO props for a good ad campaign. They don’t get a seat at the resistance table

Alex Plitsas @alexplitsas
Several things are true here & not mutually exclusive:
1. Racial injustice is real.
2. Colin Kapernick has chosen to take a stand for his beliefs.
3. ??@Nike?? & I have different views on what “sacrifice everything” means after serving in Iraq & Afghanistan

Markb2222 @Markb2222
Going to buy some Nike gear. People don't understand the reason behind their Ad. Kapernick decided to express himself and he just did it. It's about our freedom of expression/speech. Don't like him, fine. But he had a right to express himself

Brandon Clarke @brando432
It’s interesting how the conversation around the negative overreaction to the Colin Kapernick ad has distracted from fact that Nike — and their ad agency Wieden + Kennedy — have appropriated a social justice movement for capitalist gain

Wayne Allyn Root @RealWayneRoot
Colin Kapernick is a CURSE. Everything he touches loses hundreds of millions to billions- first NFL, now Nike

RayRay @RaymondMuzembe
RE Kapernick & Nike
As noble as it is Nike are using social issues as marketing campaigns. I’m not saying their intentions aren’t pure but they do stand to benefit from such ads. This case a little unique because they also could lose business

Booby prize
The prize goes to Ram Kadam. “I will abduct the girl and give her to the boy for marriage,” the BJP MLA and spokesperson said at a dahi handi event in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. He told the youth in the audience he would help them get married to the girl if their parents agreed.

Ram Kadam

Aaditya Thackeray noted — “One BJP MLA offered from a stage to help boys kidnap girls and marry them even against the will of the girls. I guess he believes marriage is like forming a govt. Ashamed and disgraced that he sits in the legislative assembly of Maharashtra — a land of culture & women liberty.”


( Source : deccan chronicle )
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