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Hassan Al Mannai advises aspiring hoteliers advocate personalisation and passion

Published Aug 7, 2019, 1:38 pm IST
Updated Aug 7, 2019, 2:51 pm IST
In the pursuit of catering to a legion of gourmands, an eatery has newly opened up in Doha, Qatar.
Hassan Al Mannai
 Hassan Al Mannai

Hassan Al Mannai’s 41°WS Grille has earned oodles of appreciations by specializing in finger-licking delicacies from around the globe.  A number of the platters offered at this restaurant manifests an American style.

A Qatari National, Hassan has earned his stripes in the financial industry and is renowned for his visionary leadership and business acumen. He embarked on his successful career with Qatar National Bank Group (QNB).  Hassan was also appointed as a Senior Relation Manager at Masraf Al Rayan, the second largest Islamic bank in Qatar. He is also regarded as a first-class banker with a supreme knowledge of ‘Trade, Regional F and Treasury Solutions’.


Hassan Al Mannai holds a degree in Master of Business Administration and Management from The University of Hull, United Kingdom. He was the Chief Executive officer of Qatar Horizon Investments. Besides this, he was also responsible for the operational leadership of Al Sedriyah Hospitality.

41°WS, created under Al Sedriyah Hospitality banner is aiming to churn out outstanding American dishes with a tinge of Arabian. This casual dining restaurant has aspirations to proffer global cuisines in the style of American diner food. This has culminated into a mouth-watering menu populated with salads, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, pizzas and more. The subtle lighting along with the ambient decor is sure to transport patrons to another world. With the plush and spacious seating arrangement and vibrancy of the whole restaurant, eaters are guaranteed to have a ball!

The story behind the unusual name of the restaurant is credited to American restaurant history. Walter Scott was accredited with evolving the American food revolution by introducing the very first patented diner in Rhode Island (41 Degrees North), Providence, USA in 1872 – hence the name 41°WS. It pays homage to the classic American diner, but with a modern twist of its own.

Shedding light on its journey, Hassan says, “We are creating a fusion of exceptional food and beverages from all around the globe, and presenting them in the American style!  We feature a wide range of delicious options from exciting appetizers to hand-stretched sourdough pizzas, from fire-grilled burgers to seafood, from pasta to top choice steaks.”

“We believe that eating out isn’t just about the meal; it is also about the overall experience. We have crafted a memorable dining experience, which can be experienced in any of our restaurants, whether it is the conceptual approach of La Marans, Cactus Senshi, 41°WS or Jeepneys,” Hassan further added.

According to Hassan Al Mannai, Al Sedriyah Hospitality prides itself for its attention to detail, quality, accessibility, and being a leader in the Food and Beverage industry. All their delicacies are made-in-house, from recipes churned out by their talented chefs. They have their own central kitchen which allows them to manage the top-notch quality of their pastries, bread, meat, and all other produce.

41°WS also boasts of having a team of trained chefs who are trained to “walk the customer experience.” Hassan believes that quality comes through intense training, perseverance, and not accepting the second-best in any situation.

41°WS by Hassan Al Mannai promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure in the streets of Qatar and beyond. A barrel of good wishes to this food connoisseur.

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