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Denis Piszczek’s take on viral content and the rise of Faktglaublich

Published Aug 7, 2019, 2:27 pm IST
Updated Aug 7, 2019, 2:51 pm IST
Denis Piszczek
 Denis Piszczek

Socialising is almost synonymous with social media and knowingly or unknowingly, we are engulfed by the data provided by the various social media handles. An average human surfs through a minimum of 20 videos every day. While some are positive, so tend to have a  negative impact on society. But concluding in a broad sense, videos have formed an integral part of the data we are consuming every day.” – says Denis Piszczek, the mastermind behind Faktglaublich.

The “viral” culture forms an integral part of social media. While we often encounter these viral videos, memes and even trends, social media does not guarantee which video will be consumed in gargantuan proportions. That’s the beauty and the curse of social media. While it is relatively easy being famous as a meme-maker, video-maker, or an influencer, the fact that there’s no predestined pattern of consumption makes it all the more challenging. While this looks demoralising, the influence of social media videos cannot be articulated. It has tugged every string of the society- be it socioeconomic, be it political, legal, moral or environmental. Today, an average teen engages in active political discussions, meme sharing.

Denis and his page Faktglaublich is a perfect example of keeping abreast with the viral trends in a market where doing the right thing at the right time proves to be most essential to the growth of a creator and making the best out of a growing market.

Denis Piszczek from Aachen took this opportunity to bring together a positive community who engage in regular video sharing. Denis experimented with the social engagement which seemed fuzzy in the beginning and soon enough, he got a hang of what would be termed as “widely accepted or viral content.” People started engaging more on more with comments, shares, likes. He hit the bull's eye of promising social media traffic. When he first started his page  Faktglaublich, his mission was to create more content which would be accepted. Authenticity was the keyword that contributed to his success. Today, he boasts of over 84 million video views in a month. His page Video Trends skyrocketed in terms of user engagement and is currently third in terms of social media engagement.

Experimenting regularly led to the development of the empire Denis boasts of today. Since 2010, he started experimenting with short video clips. It took him a long time to get the niche we wanted to.

While there are so many pages going viral monetization doesn’t come in easy. Starting with the sale of a book with is bought over 2000 times online and in workshops, Denis embarked on a journey to turn the viral into a business. On Instagram, Denis has reached a humongous 4.5 million followers with a monthly reach of 60 million. The combination of sold postings of brands (the pages are also being marketed by Denis), sponsored posts of smaller page owners and the monetization of videos by mid-roll ads ensures that Denis earns his living.

Denis continues to provide a platform to the aspiring talents who want to make it big. He is the modern bridge of the consumers are the artists. As his empire continues to grow, he is an example of how hard work and consistency with a knack of experimenting can provide you with unimaginable success.

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