Running for a cause

City marathons continue to attract participants.

The second edition of Olympia OMR RUN, organised by Rotary club of Chennai Upscale (RCCU), was run over the weekend. The Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology was painted yellow for the event even as enthusiastic runners in yellow T-shirts were raring to go as early as 6 am. Over 7,000 runners took in the run for a cause.

The mantra for the event was “It’s not how well you run… It’s why you run”. This was very evident from the eclectic mix of participants -- young, old and even kids. Gearing up for a great run was done with a team of physiotherapists helping the participants with stretching and a Zumba dance.

Some ran like professionals, while some walked their course to show their support to the cause. Chennai recently has seen a noticeable rise in marathons being organised and we asked some youngsters from the city about what they felt regarding such events and they pretty much echoed that fitness with a cause is definitely something that they all like.

“The increased number of people participating in marathon has become a healthy sign. It doesn’t matter whether they finish it or not. In this fast paced world, people don’t realise the importance of staying fit and these marathons are a great way of reminding them to stay fit and take care of their health”, says Arjun Athreya.

“Marathons help raise awareness on a particular cause and also helps people focus on the health aspect. It helps solve a dual purpose”, says Prashanth A.

“It benefits in two ways, the people who are running and the very purpose of the marathon. Fitness and health should be considered imperative in the modern world,” says Teeto Jerin.

The proceeds of this fundraiser will go to brighten the lives of many deprived children with the light of education. The funds raised will enable Rotary Club of Chennai Upscale to intensify their endeavour. The adopted AdiDravida Welfare Schools could go up from three soon while

E-Learning facilities in every classroom will get a fillip. Teachers will be trained even better. The periodical eye checkup camps, sanitation and vocational training programs will get on fast track and reach more beneficiaries, say the organizers from the Rotary Club. The event’s title sponsor was the Olympia Group of builders.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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