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Woman gets epic response for note to dorm room neighbour over 'loud sex'

Published Nov 6, 2016, 2:10 pm IST
Updated Nov 6, 2016, 2:10 pm IST
The woman asked her neighbour to keep it down in bed since it was a reminder of her own loneliness.
The neighbour sent a note with a chocolate (Photo: Twitter)
 The neighbour sent a note with a chocolate (Photo: Twitter)

Lack of sex is not a great thing and being lonely is only worse when one has to endure neighbours making a lot of noise as they get really nasty in bed. The noise can disturb sleep and also make the feeling of missing action more unbearable.

Having faced a similar dilemma, a student at a US university decided to leave a note for her dorm room neighbour, asking her to keep the volume down while having sex. The hilarious note requests the neighbour to prevent noise and mentions how it reminded the student of her own loneliness.

The note even got a response from the neighbour with an apology for making noise and a reassurance to the woman that she won’t be alone forever along with a chocolate. The neighbour wrote that she was also single for 18 years, and asked the woman to stay hopeful.

While dorm room neighbours can be really mean at times, the gesture by Miss Levine’s neighbour is heart-warming while being quirky.



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