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BMX cycling comes to the big screen

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Published on: March 5, 2018 | Updated on: March 5, 2018

Nonsense is the first Indian movie to revolve around BMX cycling.

BMX rider Annul Pale.

BMX rider Annul Pale.

If you aren’t aware already, the upcoming Malayalam movie Nonsense would be the first movie ever in India to feature BMX cycling. The movie, releasing next month, promises to enthrall audiences with plenty of BMX stunts. "For those who love BMX and aren’t totally square, it will be quite fun," says director of the movie M.C. Jithin. The movie is about teenagers and talks about the flaws in the education system. 

Malayalam cinema is sailing towards new quarters and has already introduced extreme sports like Parkour and freerunning. But BMX will be explored for the first time in this film.

BMX is a cycle sport performed on BMX bikes, either in competitive BMX racing or freestyle BMX, or else in general on or off-road recreation. BMX began when young cyclists appropriated motocross tracks for fun, racing and stunts, eventually evolving specialised BMX bikes and competitions.

"The story of the film is very fast and goes through complex situations. The protagonist Rinosh George and his co-stars perform extreme cycle stunts in the film. When we started searching for someone who could help us with these stunts, we got many calls. But none of them could beat one name, Annul Pale," says Jithin. Annul is the most recognised faces of modern BMX in India. Jithin had no second thoughts in contacting Annul after seeing his videos. A self-trained BMX rider, Annul is based in Mumbai. He lost his father at a young age and had to leave his education to work as a delivery boy for Dominos. He managed to save ` 300 from his salary and bought a motocross cycle with it. From then on, he never looked back. Annul is supported by Red Bull, which recently provided him with professional flatland cycle. 

"Annul arranged some training sessions for the actors and did many stunts for them. Very dangerously completed BMX stunts play a pivotal role in the film," adds Jithin. Febiya will star opposite Rinosh in the movie. The other cast members include Vinay Forrt, Shruthi Ramachandran, Kalabhavan Shajon, Lalu Alex and Shiyad. The film will release in April.

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