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Hyderabad has a great character, says IPS officer Amit Lodha

Published Feb 6, 2019, 12:25 am IST
Updated Feb 6, 2019, 12:25 am IST
IPS officer Amit Lodha talks about the response to his book, Bihar Diaries and his connection with the city.
IPS officer Amit Lodha
 IPS officer Amit Lodha

When someone meets Amit Lodha, his persona can make anyone believe that he can’t even hurt a fly. But, in reality the fearless cop that he is, Lodha is hailed for his dreadful encounters with dangerous criminals, sportsman spirit and heroics in his career. And now there’s a new addition to his repertoire, a acclaimed writer.

Ever since the book, Bihar Diaries, written by the Jaipur-born IPS officer Amit Lodha, Inspector General of the Border Security Force (Delhi), was released last year, it has been getting rave reviews. The book revolves around the arrest of one of Bihar’s most dreaded gangsters during Amit’s stint and other experiences at Shekhpura.


“To be honest I never expected such a phenomenal response. I have no experience of writing, but I am pleased that people from all walks of life are sharing great feedback,” expresses a visibly excited Amit who was in the city to deliver a talk on “How to be real-life heroes”, organised by the Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO).

The 1998 batch IPS officer of the Bihar cadre shares that everyone has a hero inside them. “I have seen people who throw attitude, but to me, even small gestures like treating and talking to the subordinates politely can transform the lives of the people around you. It goes a long way,” adds Amit who actively supports Bharat Ke Veer, an initiative which raises funds for the families of martyrs of the parliamentary forces.

Interestingly, Filmmaker Neeraj Pandey, actor Rana Daggubati and a few more producers have been trying to work on the silver screen adaptation of the book.  “But I have no idea when and who is going to star in it,” shares the Delhi IITian.

“IIT just happened, but I was always enamoured by the uniform since childhood,” he reveals adding that over the years he was able to strike a work-life balance by prioritising things.

His life lessons are, “Don’t complicate things; just be yourself. I never miss my work out and Tennis; it makes me feel sorted.”

Apparently, Amit is a frequenter at the turnstile, and expresses concern over the portrayal of cops onscreen. “They are not as bad as they are shown,” he quips, adding, “I watch Telugu films (the dubbed version) of actors like Mahesh Babu and Ravi Teja on television.”

Amit states that Hyderabad’s warmth and food is what makes him keep coming to the city. “The city has a great character. I have fond memories too. I was trained at NPA, 21 years back, and I also explored all the heritage locations,” he concludes.