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Adolf Hitler allegedly performed ‘sex act’ during violent film in cinema

Published Sep 5, 2017, 6:32 pm IST
Updated Sep 5, 2017, 6:34 pm IST
Sexual lust drove the dictator to murder, claims author of a new book about Hitler.
Adolf Hitler. (Photo: AP)
 Adolf Hitler. (Photo: AP)

A new book about Adolf Hitler claims the dictator was a “sexually confused serial killer".

The book entitled, Hitler 1 and Hitler 2. The sexual no-man's-land is written by psychologist-author Volker Elis Pilgrim. He writes it was Hitler's sexual lust that drove him to murder.

Pilgrim studied a range of material for the book. Among them was a story of the Nazi dictator performing a sexual act while watching a violent film in a cinema.

Nazi era actress Marianne Hoppe was one of the book's sources. Daily Mail reported an account she described about one night in the Berlin Reich Chancellery, where she watch a film called The Rebel with Hitler. The movie was about an Austrian uprising against Napoleon.

She goes on to describe an incident during a peculiar scene - the Austrian throw boulders on to French troops from a mountain top.

"And there, I believe, Hitler got some kind of thrill and rubbed his knees at this event, as the stones rolled down on the French, and groaned. I don't know if he was crazy, but he got some kind of orgasm….I wanted to leave during the show. The man was creepy," she is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Pilgrim began to suspect that “sexuality and violence in Hitler" had a connection.

In the book, the author said the holocaust of the Jews that claimed six million people made Hitler the "greatest serial killer of them all," the report revealed.

"However, since the "lust for killing" is the decisive feature of serial killers, the question inevitably arises: Was Hitler a serial killer who was murdered for the purpose of his gratification?," Pilgrim writes. He further goes on to say," Hitler's... sexuality, I believe, drove the dictator into the most colossal annihilation that man has witnessed,"

Pilgrims also shared evidence to refute claims Hitler had "normal sexual relations with women". The author explains the dictator had to sides. Hitler 1 was harmless and existed only till 1918, he claims.  

Hitler 2 is supposed to have come into being after being wounded by gas on the Western Front. It was there he says that military psychiatrists ignited a "serial killer potential by accident". That will be revealed in next volume.